Monday, August 12, 2013

Innovative baby products redux

I've been browsing around at my previous blog entries, and I've been laughing at some of the things I've said on there. Like the blog entries about my pregnancy with Grant, I seemed to complain a lot and I was really whiny about pregnancy. Now going through pregnancy the second time around, I realize that pregnancy is not as dramatic as I made it out to be in my previous entries. But in my defense I was experiencing it for the first time and to me it was dramatic.

Now having 18 months of parenting under my belt and on my second pregnancy, I feel so much wiser than I was two years ago on parenting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to claim that I'm a parenting expert especially since I'm still a new parent. But I feel wiser and more comfortable as a parent than I did before I had Grant.

Going through my blog entries, I feel there is a blog entry, that is in need of serious editing. At the time for those who read it you (and were the experienced parents) you probably found yourself biting your tongue by my ignorance, as I claimed that you should not waste you money on certain baby products. But now looking back I laugh at it because I've used half of the products mentioned or wish I would have used them. So I find it sill now that I was claiming that those products were dumb considering when I wrote the blog entry I was only like two months pregnant, so obviously my view on parenting was still extremely new.

Here is the blog entry I'm talking about: Latest gadgets for your baby

So here is my revised opinion on this blog entry-
The Belly Buds- Ok I still agree that these are weird, and probably a waste of money. The baby hears so much anyway in the womb that do they really need belly buds to hear sound? If someone can convince me otherwise that this is an awesome product than maybe I'll change my mind. But if you want your baby to hear sounds, play some music, talk to your belly. You don't need special belly buds to do that.

The Moby Wrap- I laugh that I even put this as something that is a waste of money. The moby wrap is great! I will say it was a misconception of mine that this was an odd product. It just looked odd to me when I was no a mother and had a baby of my own. But once I had a baby, I realized the regular baby carriers just don't do the trick. It's nice carrying the baby around in a comfortable cloth wrap. Once I had Grant, I realize how practical a moby wrap is. I actually ended up having my friend make me a wrap (because I'm too cheap to spend the money on the actual Moby Wrap), I can't wait to use it on my newborn. When I got the wrap for Grant he was around 6 months old. I think the wrap is going to come in handy especially while trying to hold the baby and chase Grant around. I cringed that I even dissed the Moby Wrap. Sorry. But in my defense, my ignorance got the best of me.

The Booby Trapper- Ok the name of this particular product is still weird. But in general nursing covers are wonderful! I realize how hard it is to try to nurse in public with a blanket, that I ended up buying a nursing cover. It's nice to have a cover strapped around my neck while trying to maneuver everything to breastfeed. It's especially helpful when you baby starts moving around a lot. A blanket doesn't help. But a nursing cover is great!

The bouncy shirt thing or whatever the name is- Still looks weird. It doesn't look safe, nor would I ever put my baby in there. I like the regular jumpers that you can hang in the doorway, but this one looks like the baby could get his or her head stuck funny in the contraption.

The Nose Frida- While it looks weird, and the concept still kind of grosses me out, I almost want one of these. After having so many problems with trying to get boogers and snot out of Grant's nose when he was younger, I realized that a product like this would have been helpful. The regular nose suction thing, just doesn't cut it. It would never get out the snot completely, which I've heard the nose frida does a great job getting it out. So I will say I wish I had this product. And sorry I dissed it.

Here are some products I will stand by that I think are strange and/unsafe. Hopefully I will not write a blog a year later about how I was wrong about these products. But then again who knows.

Head snuggler- I've seen variations of this product and this makes me cringe with how unsafe this looks. The idea is good. I get the idea of wanting something to keep a baby or toddlers head up while in the carseat. I always feel bad when Grant's little head falls forward while sleeping in the car. But this product looks so unsafe! What is going to stop a baby from suffocating or getting strangled in the strap or snuggler? This freaks me out that these things are actually sold. One website I found with a similar product they had these sold out!

 While this product is innovative and I'm all about multitasking while using the bathroom, do we need really immerse small children with technology in everything they do? I really hope I don't find myself saying in a couple of years that I wish I had this product. But then again who knows. I just hate the idea that a small toddler needs to play on an ipad in order to use the bathroom.

 Poor babies! While this is an interesting concept, I feel like it would be more of an hassle to get them on the bathroom stall door. Not to mention what is the hooks gave out and the fell? I rather take my chances with holding Grant on my lap while trying to use the restroom. It's hard to do, but one handed bathroom usage can be mastered.  I rather do that than hang my baby like a shirt on a coathanger.

So there are my fun baby products for now. I'm tired and need to go to bed. Hope you enjoy my edits and my new ones!

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