Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soaking up the world with a brain sponge

Grant is at such a fun age right now, I am amazed at all the things he can do already at 13 months. He surprises me everyday with the things that he can do. I never realized how much he watches the things Matt and I do, because I'll find him doing things like pointing the remote at the tv or putting my cell phone at his ear. Babies are so smart! It amazes me how much the learn in such a small amount of time.

Here are the things that Grant has been doing lately:

  • He knows where his ears are when you ask him. I actually didn't know he knew this until Aunt Amy was showing us that he could do it. You ask him "Where are your ears?" and he'll tug on them. It's so cute!                                                                                                                            
  • He knows how to use a pen, and that you can use it on paper. Anytime he gets a hold of a pen know he'll start doodling. The other day when he was with Matt, Grant had a whole piece of paper filled with baby doodles. It looked so cute! I ended up taking it to work and hanging it up on my desk. I know I am ridiculous but I felt so proud of Grant's little drawing! I think it was pretty impressive for a one year old. I think he may be a right hander! I know it's too early to tell at this point, but he'll draw with his right hand, and if he picks up the pen with his left hand, he'll change it back to his right.
  • He knows that a cell phone is used to talk in. Today, Grant got a hold of my cell phone, and he put it by his ears, and started babbling in it. I didn't realize how much I use my cell phone that he knows what it's used for.
  • He knows that a tissue is used to blow your nose. Because Grant has had a runny nose for the last month now, we have been wiping his nose off quite often. Today he was cracking me up because a pulled out tissues that were in the diaper bag, and he started blowing his own nose in it. Such a smart boy!
  • He knows how to comb his hair. When he gets a hold of the comb, he starts combing his hair with it.
  • He can put  his megablocks together and make a mini tower
  • He can say "Hi Dad" Now I just wish he could say Mama anything
  • He loves to point at everything, and I'll tell him what it is, and then he'll point at something else. 
Grant is such a smart little buddy! I love teaching him new things and seeing him soak up the world around him. Learning is so much fun!

Look at me, I love to draw!

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