Sunday, March 10, 2013

Parenting Pictures of the Week: Grant's first haircut

On Saturday, Grant got his first official haircut at the barber. Grant was such a good little boy! I'm surprised by how still he was during the entire haircut. Towards the end of the haircut he got a little squirmy, but considering for a 13 month old, he did wonderfully! The barber was great! He ended up not charging us for Grant' haircut since it was the first one. And gave us a cute First Haircut certificate that he signed and dated. He also made sure he got a great lock of hair, to put in Grant's baby book. Now that Grant got his haircut, it looks lighter and a little more reddish.

Now Grant looks so cute with his new haircut! He needed a haircut, he looks like such a toddler now with his haircut :)

I'm ready for my haircut!

It's a monkey in the mirror

such a good little boy

Are we done yet?

This face cracks me up, he's had it at this point

So handsome! And so ready for the haircut to be over!

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