Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Fridays- Atlas Genius

So as you can see I'm starting to have some themed days on my blog. Now on Sunday we have Parenting Picture of the Week, Thursdays are Future Letters to my Son, and Fridays are now Fun Fridays.

The Fun Fridays Feature, will be a spotlight on my latest music discovery. I love finding new music, and unknown bands. So Fun Fridays is a way to take a break of talking about mommy stuff all the time and share my outlet, which is music love!

So my latest music love find, is a song I discovered on the radio. First off I'm not much of a radio listener. Mainly because I get sick of the radio playing the same rotation of music. I usually just listen to my mixed cds I made of my favorite songs. But I haven't had a chance to make new music cds, and I'm starting to get SICK of playing the same songs over and over again. So I decided to venture out to radio listening, and came across this station: New Rock 103.9 X . What I love about this station is they play some random indie songs, with a mix of my favorite rock hits from the 90s, like Nirvana, Weezer, Pearl Jam. I really like this station! I came across this song from a band called Atlas Genius.

Trojans by Atlas Genius:

I must say I love the lead singer's voice and I love this song. It is so catchy!

Then with my youtube music digging I discovered this amazing cover  by Atlas Genius of the band XX's song "Islands" (Which is a great band you must check out, this is the orignal: XX- Islands. 
This song is a nice acoustic version of it:

Another song I found from Atlas Genius that I have also fell in love with is a song called Symptoms:

And on a different note the lead singer is really hot :)

Enjoy these fun songs!

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