Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walking disaster at its greatest

For those who know me, I've always been a horrible klutz, running into things, breaking things, burning things, etc. But I think because I'm pregnant, I've somehow been on an all-time high with the destruction. In the last past week, I've broken and burned so many things. Maybe I shouldn't blame this on being pregnant, but maybe its the increase of hormones is just causing an influx of klutziness.

Last Monday I was carrying 5 hard cider bottles out of the cooler (and don't worry I was not drinking any of them, sadly) I had too many in my hand, and I dropped one, spilling sticky hard cider all over the place.

Last Tuesday when making pies, I burned my arm, I guess when I was taking the pie out of the over, I hit my arm on the inside of the hot oven, and left a lovely burn mark on my arm.

Last Wednesday, when putting the dirty dished away, I had two our of dinner serving dishes in my hand at the same time, clung them together, and broken one.

Last Friday, in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom, and then I went back to bed, because it was dark and I was half asleep, I walked right into the bedpost, ramming my thigh in it, leaving a lovely giant bruise on it.

Last Saturday, when mopping the kitchen floor, I had the mop in the bucket, I moved the bucket, and the mop became top-heavy, and fell over knocking the entire contents of water all over the floor. So I start cleaning up the big mess, and this story even gets better. I hear dripping sounds of water in the basement, so I go downstairs to realize that the water leaked through the kitchen floor into the basement! Lovely. So I had two watery messes to clean up, and thank God the water didn't leak a few inches closer to all over Matt's electrical wires and electronic equipment.

Yesterday, I was making lunch at work, I had a hot frozen meal that I took out of the microwave, I opened the vent up to stir it, and don't ask me how, but somehow I manage to fling half of the contents of my frozen meal on to the floor, and on my hand, and the scorching hot gravy left a wonderful burn spot on my hand.

And today, literally just an half hour ago, I had Matt's glass he got from prom one year, he had coins in it. I took the glass with me to work, to put the coins in a penny competition we are having at work, and tonight I took the empty glass back out of my car. A smart person would have put all the coins in a bag and not even bring the glass along, but unfortunately I do not think smart like that. So when I went to grab the glass, I also grabbed my pie plate I had in the car, I put the pie plate on top of the glass, because I had too much in my hand, and of course I break Matt's prom glass. Good job me! Matt's not too happy with me right now, with my streak of destruction, which I can't blame him. :(

Maybe I shouldn't blame the increase of hormones, but maybe the increase of pregnancy brain, making me more flighty and just not thinking in the best way, and hence doing way more stupider things. Sigh. I'm getting worry about this destruction streak I've been having in the last week. I really hope it goes away, for the sake of my baby and my husband's sanity.

Knock on wood, I really really REALLY hope I don't break anything else this week or hurt myself in any way. I don't think I can go on for another 23 weeks of breaking things and ruining things..

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