Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special Blog Entry-Remembering 9/11

I can't believe it's already been ten years since the 9/11 attacks have happened. I remember being in computer class my senior year of high school, and an announcement from the principal came on the intercom, and our computer teacher turned on the tv. Watching it on TV was so surreal, I didn't know what to think. Being a naive 17 year old I didn't even know what the twin towers were. It just seemed like the news being released became worst, it started out as a plane crashing into the tower, then the tower collapsing. As the new coverage continued throughout the day the causalities and destruction grew worst. My heart goes out of all the lives lost that day, I also think it's important not to forget about the thousands up thousands of people who've died in war in Iraq, fighting for our country, and those who've fought the other wars.

I found something I had to write in my fourth period Creative Writing class. Every day we had to write in our journals. Ironically I kept two of the entries I wrote, (one on September 11th, and September 12th 2001.) I'm really glad that I kept these, and it's interesting to read what was going on in the Megan mind of a 17 year old. So for this blog I'm going to share my two entries I wrote. It's a nice glimpse of history through my 17 year old eyes. Good thing I have spell check now, because the spelling in my journal entry is absolutely terrible. (And please don't judge my 17 year old writing, it's not the best, grammar wise but at least this entry is in it's raw form of emotion)

Tuesday 9-11-01:
Today is a crazy and devastating day. And unfortunately the craziness is not over yet. Today is a day that is going to go on in the history books. Maybe a movie will be made over it. Unexpectedly,message on the intercom, it was the principal. She said that planes intentionally all crashed in the World Trade building. I at first thought it was just some crazy person that took over the plane and crashed in into the building. But once my teacher turned on the TV, I saw how bad it really was. Right now there is chaos in New York. Buildings on fire, smoke covering the sky. People in the building jumped out of the building because there was no where to go, they were trapped in smoke. Innocent people walking down the street as debris and clumps of the building fly to the ground. Thousands of people have died,thousands more are severely hurt with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. They say that a terrorist hijacked 4 planes. No one knows who did this and how they even got away with it. Another plane hit the Pentagon in Washington, there still is a plane somewhere, no one knows where that plane is planning to hit next. It is a war out there. Every life is being touched by this accident. War and violence is here. I hope this is the end of all the violence, but then again it could just be the beginning of terrible events yet to come. All the airlines in the United States are closed, all flights have been canceled. This is a day, a part of history that I will never forget. So many lives have gone today.

Wednesday 9-12-01
I am tired of hearing about the terrorist attacks. Even though it just happened yesterday, it feels like it has happened month ago. Because it has been on TV all day long. There were no commercial, no tv shows, just about every channel had the news broadcast on. Even my favorite radio station z 97.3 had a speech of some political guy talking. It seemed like I couldn't escape all this chaos. What happened yesterday was awful, and I feel the pain of the victims and the victim's families. It made me mad when I saw on TV other countries that hate us, celebrating that this horrible thing has happened in our country. They were all happy. Whop could they be celebrating when something so terrible like this has happened. It's really disturbing to see people act like that. What if that happened to their country? Thousands of people died and countries are celebrating that something bad has happened to our country. It makes me mad. It's amazing that all of this could effect everywhere in the United States, even my own life. Everything was closed yesterday. I didn't have to go to court! Which was good because all this happening put me in a depressed mood that day. My mom filled up on gas last night, she said it was crazy. Everyone thinks the gas prices are rising to $4.00! I don't know. But all this craziness is making everyone else crazy.

Reading the 2nd entry makes me laugh for a few reasons, that I thought it was the end of the world that I couldn't watch my favorite TV shows and listen to my favorite radio station because of all the coverage. The troubles of a seventeen year old. lol. I also laughed at the part when I was shocked that gas could be as high as $4.00, when now this year, that's how much we are paying for gas. And a side comment about me not going to court. Don't worry I'm not a criminal, I had to go to court that day for wrecking my car five days after getting my license. It's interesting reading these entries ten years later.

Anyways, I'm heart goes out to all that we lost on 9/11/2001.

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