Sunday, January 20, 2013

Parenting picture of the week~Childproofing

This week's theme is all about being creative, as Grant has learned to get into everything. This week he has become more curious about opening cabinets.We don't have childproof locks on our cabinets. Mainly because I was trying to see if they actually make ones where you have to drill holes in the cabinets. But no luck, so I am going to have Matt install the ones we have now tomorrow, since Grant likes to get into the cabinet filled with chemicals and other cleaning things. So my temporary childproof fix was using a spatula. It actually worked. Grant spent a long time trying to pry it off, but he had no success. I know it looks pretty tacky to have a random spatula hanging on the door handles of the cabinet door. But hey, it works. I've learned you got to be innovative sometimes to keep baby away from things he should not be messing with. Grant is such a curious little guy!


  1. So hilarious!!!! Love the picture.

    Mentioned you in my last blog if you are interested in taking part :)