Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello my lovely readers,

Well I don't even know why I'm starting with this introduction, because probably I do not have any lovely readers, at least not yet. But anyways on June 15, 2001, I found out that I am pregnant. After six agonizing months of trying, (OK you might think 6 months isn't that long nor agonizing, but instant gratification me who likes things to happen within a snap of a finger, thought six months was FOREVER)it finally happened! And I must say I was quite surprised, because I already gave up and didn't think pregnancy was in my cards. (I know you can shake your head and tell me "Megan you're so impatient, and all good things come with waiting" but I'm melodramatic like that.) So it's already been over a month since I've gotten that glorious plus sign and now I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant, experiencing the many joys of pregnancy right now as we speak. I'll spare you the graphic details... well maybe.. it just depends on what kind of mood I'm in that day.

Most people usually wait until 12 weeks to even tell people they are pregnant, but I have an extremely big mouth I just couldn't contain myself. I pretty much leaked out the information to family, friends, and co-workers within two weeks. I still have not made it Facebook official yet. I'm waiting just a tad bit longer for that.

Of course it is typical of many people to start a blog when they are pregnant, to share their joys and excitement of pregnancy, and what is yet to come. Well I hate to break it to you but my blog probably will not be all sappy like that. Maybe somewhat, but most of the time it's pretty much going to be the dead honest truth of my pregnancy journey. Actually my lovely co-worker Carrie, brought me some inspiration to start this blog. That day my filter was completely turned off (though most of the time my filter is turned off, I tell people like it is, but usually it's somewhat toned down)I was saying extremely inappropriate things to people. I blame my pregnancy hormones, they make me more cynical. So Carrie told me she would love to see my non-filter when I give birth, and that I would need to write an blog entry about it. I already have another blog, but it's not as exciting, I kind of abandon it in the last four months. It's basically a blog about doing 100 things in 1001 days, which I kind have put on the waste-side like I do with many things. So Carrie gave me the brilliant idea, why don't I just start a blog about my journey being pregnant? So I'm going to tell all on my frustrations, raging hormones, mishaps, joys and much more on my wonderful 9 month adventure. And I'm sure motherhood will be an amazing adventure in itself. So as I write blogs there will be life lessons I discover, which will add up over time as I discover them. Because after all living life and making mistakes for yourself is a great lesson to learn.

So I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you don't I'll get over it..well I won't. I'll be crying over my laptop eating some cookies and cream ice cream, as I realize I'm lame and everyone hates my blog. hehe. Seriously though if you don't like it, that's fine, at least this blog gives me a good laugh. . .

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