Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pregnacy Life Lesson #1- Don't go to rock concerts

So here's my first words of wisdom to add to my new list of pregnancy life lessons:

1) Pregnant women should not go to rock concerts, at least in a stuffy hot indoor venue. Really concerts like this are no fun when you can't drink, and you're just raging with angry pregnant lady hormones.

Before I even found out I was pregnant, I got two tickets to a Taking Back Sunday Concert as a graduation present for my youngest brother Derrick. I encouraged him to take a friend. Matt really didn't want me to go (even before I found out I was pregnant, because he didn't want me to get the tickets as an interior motive for an reason for me to go.) So I didn't beg Derrick to take me. I nicely told him he could make the decision on his own who he wanted to take. And of course he decides to take me because I'm his favorite and only awesome sister, and he has no other friends. (Just joking Derrick! I know you do have some friends)

So anyways the concert was this past weekend, I was really excited to go, and wasn't going to let pregnancy get in the way of amazing fun! I've always wanted to see Taking Back Sunday in concert. Of course Matt voiced concerned and said, "Should you really be going to a concert when you're pregnant?" I figured I could be OK, considering I'm only 10 weeks along. But I did some quick internet research and it seemed like it is pretty much OK to go to a concert while pregnant. I wore some ear plugs to bring with me just to be on the safe side. Which I'm glad I did because the music was freakin' LOUD. (either this makes me too old even saying this or too pregnant, I'm not sure which).

On a side note, I think it's kind of funny that Matt was freaking out over the concert, telling me I probably made our child go deaf, when right now as we speak he is playing rock band with the volume as loud as it can possibly go, as the entire house vibrates, and I can hear the music blaring outside our house, three houses down. Oh the irony.

But anyways we go to this concert, usually fun spirited Megan would have an AMAZING fun time at a concert like this. I love rock concerts, I love bobbing my head up and down, letting my hair sway every which way and direction, I love jumping up and down, and singing along with the musician. I love the entire rock concert music scene. Those of you who semi know me, you might be quite shock and surprise that I'm even a rock concert kind of gal. Many people think I listen to country music and jam to Katie Perry and Ke$ha. Sorry to disappoint you but, I serious want to rip my ears out of my head when I have to listen to that horrid shit.

Well fun spirited hidden emo soul Megan was not at this concert on Sunday night. I felt like as time progressed a mean old crabby hormonal pregnant Megan that just wanted to go home and sleep infested the concert fun. I was so hot, there were over a thousand of people just crammed in a tiny room, that had no air conditioning, or at least it didn't feel like it. My legs hurt from standing so long. I felt so claustrophobic, from being skin to skin with all these people, I felt this guy breathing down my neck. And I love the occasional person that would run into a mosh pit, and start stampeding into where I was standing. I felt like I was going to pass out. Actually another girl did pass out. Instead of enjoying the music I was just hoping it would be the last song. And I hated anyone holding a mix drink or beer, because I couldn't drink one of those. Instead I was sipping on my free coke and ice chips. Call me an alcoholic if you like, but in all seriousness, concerts like these are only fun when you are at least slightly intoxicated, because all the annoyances with sweaty people, moshing idiots, extreme heat, and standing for four hours, all go away when your drinking. So when you can't drink and your raging with pregnancy hormones, it's annoyances like these that make the night seem like HELL.

So moral of the story, if your pregnant, you probably shouldn't go to a concert, unless its in an cooler venue, where you can sit, and you're further away from the speakers and annoying people.

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