Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My favorite moments of 2014- reflections in pictures

I seriously don't know where 2014 has gone. It has flown by. Really the last 10 years of my life has gone by so fast! 2014 was a great year. I went back to work from maternity leave, becoming a working mom of two, which is definitely a challenge in itself. I got promoted! I watched Holly grow and reach milestones too quickly. I have watched Grant's vocabulary go from 50 words to full blown conversations. I love seeing Grant and Holly interact with each other. Sibling love is the best as the year has gone by. 2014 has been a great year! May 2015 be another great year.

To follow tradition with my blog, every year I highlight my year with a picture to represent each month. I have done this for 2012 (click here to see)  and 2013 (click here to see) . Now here is to 2014!

Here are my reflections for 2014, in pictures:

January: Grant takes swimming classes at the YMCA!

February: Grant turns two! This is Pin the Nose on Elmo with Grant's added artwork

March- I had my golden birthday! I turned 30 on the 30th! I had a great night with friends!

April- Happy Easter! All dressed up!
May- Getting Hot in Cleveland with a girls weekend to celebrate Megan's birthday!


June- Dancing the night away at Greg and Heather's wedding
July- Being a wolf on our family vacation at the great wolf lodge

August- Celebrated my co-workers bridal shower, baby wolf-face style.
September- Having fun at the pork festival
October- All dressed up for Halloween!

November- Happy First Birthday Holly!
December- Merry Christmas! Love these two!

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