Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas and where does the time go?

I am still alive! I know it has been two months since my last post! It's been crazy recently! I need more time to write. All I feel like I do is work, do laundry, clean, get the kids ready for bed, and repeat. Not enough time in the day, and where has the time gone? 2014 will be over in a few days! Ekk!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. It was fun to watch Grant and Holly enjoy Christmas. Grant was so excited about Christmas this year! We let him decide what to give Santa the night before, and he selected popcorn and tea! He didn't want to share his cookies with Santa! Grant is so funny! Here are some pictures to highlight our Christmas season! And hope I have time to write some more blog posts in the future!!

It's Santa Grant!

And Santa's Helper!

Opening presents

Grant got an helicopter and a fireman suit!

Holly is looking pretty serious!

Grant got an workbench from Santa!

Holly is more excited about Marco's cat toy present.

Yum! I like to eat presents!

Enjoying all of our new toys!

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