Thursday, June 6, 2013

Surviving a year as a working mother

I'm a month late on this, but I just realize recently that I have survived an entire year (plus one month) of working since I went back from maternity leave. I can't believe it's been a year already, and that I have survive a year as a working mother! I know many people in my inner circle thought I wouldn't make it as a working mother or end up quitting and be a stay at home mom. But I proved them wrong! I'm not going to lie, it was really hard at first to leave Grant when I went back to work.But once I got into the grove, it became second nature to me.

I will say I love working and having adult interaction during the day. When I come home from work I always look forward to seeing Grant's adorable face. Especially on the tough days at work that make me want to scream. I live for the weekends now, more then ever. It's so nice to have time to spend with Grant.

How does a typical day go in my world, you might ask? Well Grant usually wakes up between 6:30 to 7:00 am everyday. (Unfortunately weekends too, sleeping in is SO overrated!) I usually feed Grant breakfast right away. Sometimes we sit down and watch the morning news first. And Marco comes over and sits on my lap, and Grant pets him, and Marco actually lets him. (Which won't happen at any other part of the day) Then I start to get ready. Sometimes mornings are a fight, and Grant thinks he has to be held while I get ready. Sometimes he is perfectly content just playing with his toys in his room. It just really depends on what kind of mood he is in that day. Most days he keeps entertained by taking everything out of the drawers in the bathroom, while I put my contacts in and do my hair. Because of this I have found multiple surprises. One day when I came home from work, I went to use the bathroom, I was about ready to flush the toilet when I realize my toothbrush was in it. Needless to say, that toothbrush went in the trash. Grant must had put it in the toilet earlier in the morning, and I didn't realize it. And then some days, I'll be frantically searching for the toothpaste, or my hairbrush to find it in a completely random place. The other day I found our toothpaste on the changing table. Not sure how it ended up there. It keeps him entertained, at the expense of losing the order of where things belong. Oh well. And then when I got to put my makeup, at this point I can't do it at the mirror in the bathroom, because he starts getting fussy, and has had enough "rearranging" of our bathroom items. So I get my makeup bag, sit on the floor, and let him play with my makeup brushes while I put my makeup on. He has on a few occasions dug his fingernails into my eyeshadow. It has some nice big chunks out of it. But it entertains him, and I actually can get ready. Since at this point Matt has already left for work. So I'm on my own getting ready with an active toddler. Then after I get ready, we go downstairs to feed Marco. When I go to feed Marco, I've learned to refill the water dish and food bowl at the same time. Because Grant will either dump the water out, or try to sit in the water, and make a big mess. After that, I put Grant in his car seat, and take him to the sitter's house. He'll get all serious and look angry, and give me this look "Mommy why are you going to leave me here?" When I say "Mommy is going Bye-Bye" He now has figured out what that means, and he starts bawling his head off. I sneak out in a mad dash, and the sitter says he usually is fine and happy as can be within 5-10 minutes. He still pretty much cries everyday that I leave. Eventually I hope we get to the point where he just goes along his merry way and plays, when I leave. Hopefully that day will come.

My work keeps me so busy, that luckily I don't freak out and worry about what Grant is doing during the day. I know he is in good care, and tell myself not to worry to much. And being so busy, I don't even have time to think about it. Matt usually picks up Grant from the sitter, when I come home, he is usually excited to see me. And he then becomes really clingy. Making dinner is literally impossible. Matt has to entertain him by taking him outside, or I give him a spoon and bowl to make some noise. It seems to entertain him. After dinner, we go outside, and take a walk around the neighborhood. Then Grant might play some more. He likes to rotate rocks from one side of our yard to the other. Then around 8:00-8:30 Grant goes to sleep. I use the that time to have some me time! That's when I like to waste time on Facebook and blog. Then it starts all over again!

I don't mind being a working mother at all. I got a routine done to a science, and it works. I'm not sure how its going to work when this baby comes. I'm not going to lie, it scares me a little. Grant is enough work to juggle while getting ready for work. I can only imagine how it will be with TWO. We'll see how that goes. I really am proud of myself that I have been able to juggle motherhood, work and being a wife. It's not easy, but it is possible! Yay for surviving a year as a working mom! Hopefully I can survive the next year, when baby number two comes!

Ready to start the work day! Grant not so much.

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