Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nothing but Pains

I'm not even half way through my pregnancy (ok well one more week until I am halfway through my pregnancy) and I feel like this pregnancy has already put me through quite a bit of pain and agony. I'm pretty much going to whine about of all this (not that it will make it feel any better) , so if you don't want to hear me whine and hear me feel sorry for myself, then you may want to skip reading this blog entry. I'm starting to think that maybe my body was not designed for pregnancy. At one point in my life  (before I even met Matt) I wanted to have 4-5 kids but I will actually say I will be happy with just two. I don't think I could put up with another 2-3 pregnancies of hell. Ok, when I was pregnant with Grant, it actually wasn't terrible. Most of the dramatics happened in the third trimester with the whole pre-e thing. It actually wasn't a bad pregnancy. But I'm only 19 weeks, and I feel like this baby has already giving me a run for their money. I really hope this is not a foreshadowing of how this baby will be when he or she is born.

So what kind of pains have I had so far you might ask? Well it first started with having aversions to chocolate. Which is the saddest thing to me ever. Right now Matt has a BIG (and I mean big) bag of peanut M&Ms that he got from Sam's Club.  Usually if something like that was in the house, it probably would have been gone within a couple of days. But with this pregnancy, I have not even eaten a single M&M nor do I have a desire to. Not only can't I eat chocolate, but I also got a dairy intolerance. Eating ice cream is no longer a thing I can do unless I want to double in pain and be on the toilet for the entire night. This week, I was overzealous and thought maybe I got over this whole dairy thing. To try out and see, I ate ice cream on Monday. I felt great, I ended up not having any issue. So I ate ice cream on Tuesday. Again I felt great. So I ate ice cream again on Wednesday, and then that's when it hit me like a tidal wave, the terrible IBS. Needless to say, I should have no eaten ice cream THREE days in a row. But I foolishly thought maybe I would be ok if I did. WRONG.

The other thing I got is their weird umbilical hernia. After I had Grant, I started getting this weird thing sticking outside around my belly button area. Now that I am pregnant, and I've gotten pregnant, it's gotten worse. When I wear shirts, it almost looks like my belly button has popped out and you can see it through my shirt. But it is not my belly button. It's my weird umbilical hernia. Which the doctor told me I have to watch out and make sure bowel doesn't get stuck where the hernia is. If it does, I'll experience extreme pain, and would have to get an emergency surgery. Hope it doesn't lead to that. I will say it does hurt sometimes, and I'll get a random shooting pain in that area. The doctor said after I have this baby, I would have to get a general surrey to fix it. FUN! Not..

Lastly, my new pain started last week. I started getting this really bad pelvic pain, where it would stop me in my tracks from walking. It literally feels like someone is taking my pelvic bone and trying to fold it in half. I've been walking funny, holding my belly, and turning my legs outward, just so it doesn't hurt so much. Ended up going to the doctor yesterday, to find out its common with your second pregnancy to experience lower back, and pelvic pain. So now I have to see a chiropractor, go to psychical therapy and get a pregnancy belt. Hopefully doing those things will make the pain subside. But it could get worse as I progress in my pregnancy. Yay! Not.. I did get a pregnancy belt today, and I must say I've already noticed a difference! I barely felt any pain with walking. With this whole thing I just didn't realize I could experience pain like this already so early in the pregnancy. The lower back pain and everything feels like it did towards the end of my pregnancy, but worse.

I'm making pregnancy sound terrible. And maybe my complaints seem petty compared to what other pregnant women have experienced. I just can't believe I still have 21 weeks of pregnancy left, and I feel like I'm 30 weeks already. My body is so sore. Most of this is probably just because it's my second pregnancy. But it's making me miserable already. And the summer heat doesn't help any.

On a the flip side, this baby loves to move! He seems way more active than Grant was around this time of the pregnancy. (Again referring to the baby as a boy, as if I already know, when I do not) And Grant moved quite a bit. This baby loves to move so much during the day.

I know I should just count my blessings, it could be worse. Hopefully this pregnancy won't add to the terribleness for the remaining 21 weeks.

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