Saturday, June 15, 2013

Girl or Boy?

I'm excited that I will get to find out whether I'm having a girl or boy a month from today on July 15th! I really think I am having a boy again. I've been having strong feelings of a boy and I find myself constantly referring to this baby in the uterus as a "he". I really want a girl, especially since we only plan to have two kids regardless. Maybe my strong feelings of a boy is mentally preparing me if we do have another boy. And I will say I'm coming to terms with it, and wouldn't be extremely disappointed if I did have another boy. Matt keeps telling me he rather have another boy because it works out better logistically. lol. He already have the clothes for a boy, and they can share the same room longer which means we wouldn't have to give up the study for a bedroom. And plus Grant will have a fun little brother that he can be best buds with! But there is a longing inside of me for a girl. I grew up with two brothers, always wishing I had a sister and got to share that sisterly bond. I value the relationship I have with my mother, and I would love to have the same kind of relationship if I were to have a girl. I think a relationship with a mother and daughter is quite different than a relationship with a mother and son. (At least when they are adults) Mothers and daughters have a very close bond. Not saying that sons and mothers don't. But it's different. So I would love to have a little girl to dress up and to have a close bond with. Regardless I'll be happy if I have a boy instead, which is really that I think I'm having anyways. I'll be actually shock if I find out I am having a girl. So we'll see.

So what are the differences and similarities of this pregnancy verses the last? I know each pregnancy is completely different, and you really gender doesn't make a pregnancy different. I could be having another boy and still have a completely different pregnancy than I did with Grant, but it's still fun to compare.

  • With Grant I loved ice cream, french fries, and cheese. This time, I crave more veggies. I'm obsessed with Mexican food. I literally have a burrito bowl once a week. And I can't have ice cream or very much diary this time. I found out it makes me feel ill and I have an intolerance to dairy. Plus I dislike chocolate this time. Which is the saddest thing ever. But with this pregnancy I'm craving sour/sweet things like sour patch kids, and sweetish fish, and cookies. With Grant those things tasted funny to me and I didn't like eating very much candy.
  • Heartbeat with Grant has been always consistantly 140. This baby was around 170 the first couple times, but the last appointment it was around 145. 
  • My new obession this pregnancy is regular Coke, I've been craving coke, which is weird considering I don't really don't like coke very much.
  • This is kind of a gross observation (ok maybe not that gross) but with Grant my arm pit hairs were oddly a lot darker than usually. Not sure if it was the extra testorone or what. But it was really weird. They were almost black. This time I don't have an abnormal armpit hair color.
  • I'm EXTREMELY hormonal this pregnancy. I think 10 times worse than last time. I like to think I'm having a girl for this reason, considering I feel like I have extra rage. I can't tell you how many snappy moments I've had with people I work with. Plus I seem to cry easily this pregnancy too, which I hate because I don't like crying in front of people. 
  • Chinese Gender Predictor said I was having a boy with Grant. This time it says I'm having a girl. So we'll see! 
  • I haven't gained any weight so far with this pregnancy! And I'm 17 weeks. With Grant I've already gained 15 pounds at this point. 
  • I feel like my belly looks higher than last time. With Grant my belly was super low. I can still wear some of my pre-pregnancy pants this time!

  • The level of morning sickness was about the same. But I got morning sickness a lot earlier this time around.
  • My acne was non-existent with Grant and this pregnancy as well.
  • Allergies pretty much went away with Grant and so far in this pregnancy as well. 

Lastly here is a comparison picture of both pregnancy. The one on the left is when I was pregnant with Grant at 17 weeks. I don't have a picture of me when I was 16 weeks. But as you can see I'm a lot bigger at 16 weeks than I was at 17 weeks with Grant.  Though I've notice my face doesn't look as fat this time. So that's good!

This time around I look a lot bigger and showing earlier! I already look like I'm 6 months pregnant

So I'm not sure what the signs and midwives tales are pointing too. I still think I'm having a boy, so we'll see what July 15th tells us!


  1. I can't wait to find out either!!! :)

  2. I love that belly!!!! So adorable. And is so much more pronounced this time around! :) So excited!

  3. You look adorable! I hope you get your girl!