Monday, May 6, 2013

Parenting pictures of the week

I've been a slacker lately with the parenting pictures of the week! This is what happens when becoming obsessed with Candy Crush on Facebook. (Such an addicting game) So here is the parenting picture of the week for the week of April 28th:

I'm a helper!

Grant helped daddy put together the swing-set we got from my co-worker. Her daughters were getting older and not using it anymore, so she was nice enough to give it to us. Grant grabbed a screwdriver and knew that it went it the little hole to unscrew. He is just a smart little guy! He really thought he was being a big helper.

For the week of May 5th here is the picture:

Now that we got a the swing-set together, Grant has been having so much fun on it all week! He loves going down the slide and trying to go up on it. Grant loves his new swing-set!

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