Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hard learned parenting lessons

So while I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day, I came across this blog entry-
 50 Hard learned Parenting lessons

I must say most of these made me laugh, because they are so true and such an honest insight of parenting. While most of these things don't apply to my parent experience yet with Grant, just in general working with general pretty much half my life, I can totally relate. Kids are fun, unpredictable, and parenting is no easy task. I've learned that in the small amount of time I've been a parent. Everyday is a learning experience. I never realized how much parenting would change my life. And how much wiser it has made me. I thought I would be the perfect parent, but reality check, there really is no such thing as the perfect parent. Everyone makes mistakes as parent, you learn from them, and do what is best for YOUR child. So in my 8th months of being a mommy, here are my hard parenting lessons I like to add to this, that are more relevant to having a baby currently:

1) Every daily normal task you do, add an extra 15-20 minutes to it. (At least)

2) Never say never... You may say you'll never do something you've seen other parents do that you didn't like, and then come later, you find yourself doing it.

3) Babies are cute when you can hand them back to their moms when they get fussy, but when you are the mom, there's no one to hand the baby back to. They are still cute, but baby is pretty much attached to his or her mommy at all times .

4) Not all infants sleep all day, not all babies take naps, and not all babies sleep for over 12 hours straight.

5) Wiping off bodily fluids becomes second nature.

6) Babies grow at different rates, it's not a contest or competition if they can walk, crawl, sit, stand, before another baby that is older than he or she.

7) Every random sounds starts to manifest into a baby's cry

8) Don't get baby toys that sing annoying songs, you'll find yourself singing it out-loud ALL the time.

9) Giving baby medicine, is painful and tedious.

10) Mommies make every thing better. Sometimes daddies just don't do the trick.

11) A little dirt and germs won't hurt a baby

12) Babies are pretty durable and resilient.

13) Patience really is a virtue, and a must have as a parent.

14) It never goes as plan, go with the flow.

15) Enjoy every second of it, time flies. And babies grow pretty fast.

I would say my mommy is a good mommy and I'm pretty cute!


  1. Grant is such a cutie-pie! How has the teething necklace worked out?

    1. Thanks! That necklace is actually working out really well. I've definitely noticed that he is drooling less. It really has cut down on the drooling.

  2. I wanted to comment the other day but had no time--one of the joys of being a mommy is living accordingly to your baby's demands! Anyway, I laughed my butt off reading the list and definitely remembered doing some of that during my childhood--and I bet it will come back to kick me in the butt when Forrest is of that age! I also read the post through the link on #50 and laughed. Your additions is so true too!