Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crafting with Baby

Yesterday we went on a train ride in Lebanon to a pumpkin patch. Grant had a lot of fun on the train-ride, especially since his cousins were there.

When we were are the farm, we got to pick out a little pumpkin for each of us, since that was part of paying for our train ride. We ended up picking out a baby pumpkin for Grant, a medium size for me, and a bigger one for Matt.

So today I decided that since I had these adorable family size pumpkins, to make a little pumpkin family out of them. Those who know me I love making things, and I love being crafty. Since having Grant, I've rarely done anything crafty. I just don't have time. So tonight, I thought I venture with trying to decorate pumpkins. I guess I could have waited to do this when Grant was asleep but the problem is, Grant takes small naps, and usually I'm napping with him, and the time he goes to bed, I'm ready to go to bed. So I decided to attempt crafting while having a very mobile baby. Boy was that an adventure. I got out my bag of feathers, ribbons, buttons, glue gun sticks to make my pumpkin family. Within seconds, Grant started getting into it. I thought I had the feather bag sealed. Boy, was I wrong, I turned my head for a split second while I was gluing a broken stem off the pumpkin, and the next thing I knew, there were feathers everywhere.

I didn't make that mess. I'm innocent

Grant also got a hold of my bags of buttons and then spilled some out. He was trying to eat them.  That is when I gave him to daddy in the other room, so Matt could deal with him. But 5 minutes later Grant crawled back to the other room, with my feathery mess. I was luckily able to get my project done. But this was something that would usually take me 15 minutes to make, ended up taking me over a half hour to make. It's definitely not easy crafting with a baby!

Here is the finish project! Matt said I should have gave Grant red hair, which if you look closely I put a red feather underneath the blonde feather. Since it's still in question what color Grant's hair will be. It looks really red in the sunlight, but indoors it looks really blonde. So maybe it will be a strawberry blondish. Not sure. My favorite pumpkin is Matt. And I really like my hair on my pumpkin:

So there is my fun little crafty project. And I didn't even need Pinterest to inspire me. I came up with the design myself. Now if only I had time to do other projects, like work on Grant's scrapbook! I love making fun things, but never have the time to do it. Now I've learned that a bag of feathers are not only exciting to cats, but babies too. :)

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