Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby products I love part two!

About two months ago I had a blog entry about my favorite baby products that I love. Baby products I love! Which most of them Grant is still using, but now that he is getting a little older, we have some new favorites I like to share.

1) Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Lantern:

Not sure what to think of it but it calms me down every time

 I got this for a killer deal at Kohls. Grant absolutely loves it. I can recite every song the lantern plays. It's quite annoying. But this lantern was a lifesavor when we traveled for 6 hours to Missouri. Anytime Grant got fussy and started crying. I would just press the orange button and Grant would just instantly get quiet, and stare into the yellow light, as the little lantern lite up. Best 7 bucks I ever spent.

2) Bumbo Seat:

Whoever came up with the invention of a bumbo seat, I wish I would have came up with it. Such a brilliant idea! Grant absolutely loves his bumbo seat. When I'm doing stuff he hates sitting in his bouncy. He likes to be at my level. So I set him in his bumbo seat when I get ready for work. He smiles and has a good time. The bumbo seat has definitely been AMAZING! I'm so glad we got this as a gift.
I feel like I'm a big boy in my big boy seat

3) Gripe Water:
Best stuff Ever!

When I tell people about this, they are like "Gripe water, what's that?" So I'm not sure if this is a newer remembered. But I love this stuff! When Grant gets as I call it gripish, to where his belly hurts him, or his teeth hurt and he is generally cranky, I give him some of this. It works wonders and eventually gets Mr. Crankypants to sleep.

4) Crunchy Book
I'm not sure the formal name of it, but its those books that make crunchy noises. This book is Grant's new favorite toy! He love its! He loves making it crunch. The other day, I had the book on his belly when he was laying on his back. He kept hitting his belly, just to hear the book crunch. It was so funny!  It's amusing watching all the funny things Grant does to his crunchy book.

I love my crunchy book!

5) Bright Stars Swing
I should have got this swing before Grant was even born. I kept telling myself I didn't need a swing. Boy was I wrong. Grant loves the motion, and it helps get him to sleep. I'm not sure on this brand of swing though. When we first got it, it didn't work. So we called the company. They sent us another one, and it also didn't work until Matt bent out  the frame of the swing. Once he did that it worked wonderfully. So I'm thinking the other swing also works as well probably. I don't understand why they even made the swing that way if it has problems swinging. Oh well. Grant likes it!

Tuckered out and so cute in my swing

6) Adorable pair of sandals!
Most people would say, "If they can't walk yet why does a baby need to be wearing sandals?" But I think they are so flipping cute, and go with every outfit, that a baby does need a pair of sandals. Grant got a pair of sandals as a gift, and I love sporting them on his little feet. They look so great on him. And its a soft fabric so it doesn't poke his feet funny.

Look at those little piggies!

7) A reversible bucket hat:
I got this hat for like 3 bucks at the Childern's Place outlet. I love this hat because it covers Grant's little bald head, and protects him from the nasty sun. And its reversible! I can flip it over a fun plaid pattern. So I can match more outfits that way. And it fits his little head pretty well.

So tired but so rocking in my reversible hat

8) Swim trunks and 50 SPF swim shirt
Grant ventured out on his first swimming adventure yesterday. He is still unsure of what to think of it. Since Grant is so fair skin, I need to protect him from the sun. So I got him a swim shirt and cute fishy swim trunks at Target. Grant looks stylish and protected from the sun at the same time 

Mommy why am I in this cold water?

9) Froggy Toy Bar-
I got this at my shower and I love it. The little froggy sings this annoying song, that Matt and I will both find ourselves randomly humming. When Grant gets fussy in his car seat. I press the little Froggy, who lights up and makes a hoppy song. This instantly calms Grant down. He loves the song!

Oh look at Mr. Froggy!

So those are my 9 new baby product faves! Grant loves them to as you can see. :)

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