Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Products I love!

Now that I've been a mom for almost 6 weeks now, I'm starting discover some baby products I absolutely love. Some of them being things I originally thought I didn't need, and ended up getting after Grant was born. Some of them being things that others recommended. And then there are things I thought I needed and ended up getting but not really utilizing very much. Now some of these things vary from baby to baby. One thing that may work for one baby may not work for another. So here are the baby products that I absolutely love so far as a new mommy!

1)Avert Soothie Pacifiers:

This is a product that may vary from baby to baby. Grant is a paci snob! He got a soothie pacifier from the hospital, and this is the only kind of pacifier he will take. I didn't even know they had these kind of pacifiers until Grant got one. We have all these Nuk pacifiers and Grant doesn't like them. He spits them out! It's tough only having one pacifier, so I went out and bought the Gumdrop pacifiers. They look almost exactly like the soothies the only difference if the plastic is a different material. Well Grant doesn't like those either! Luckily the Avert Soothie Pacifiers, are a little different looking than the soothie in the hospital, but it does the trick because Grant loves it!

2) Microwavable Sterilize bags

What is nice about these, is instead of having to boil bottles, and breast pump parts, or waiting for them to get clean in a load of dishes in the dishwasher, you can easily sterilize them in the microwave! I love these bags, they are amazing! You can use one bag up to 20 times.A pack has six of them, and I'm only on my third bag, so they definitely last a long time!

3) Boppy Pillow

The boppy pillow is amazing for various reasons! It's great to breast feed with! Set the baby on there and it makes a nice pillow and placeholder for the baby. You don't have to worry about killing you arms holding the baby while trying to breastfeeding. Also the boppy pillow makes a great place to prop the baby up, if you need to set them down really quick. Or a great place for a quick (supervised) nap. I also like using the boppy pillow for myself on occasions, like using it a pillow to prop my own head up on, or to sit on. It makes my back not hurt a much. Boppy Pillow is definitely worth every penny! And you can buy different slipcovers for it too!

4) Spinning Bottle Rack:

I ended up buying this, about a week ago. I thought I didn't need one of these so didn't get one before the baby. But when I sterilized the bottle and breast pump parts, I realize I didn't have a place for them to dry first. I would just get a piece of paper towel for them to lay on. And that's just a waste of paper towels. So I finally realized I need a drying rack of some kind. I'm glad I got this one. It's really nice and it looks less cluttery. Instead of having all these random parts on laying on my counter.

5) Car mirror

This mirror isn't the exact one I got. But it's similar. This was another item I told myself I didn't need. I thought having this would cause more of a distraction driving, and it would be pointless. But anyways a couple of week ago, I drove an hour to my mom's house. The entire time I was freaking out because I couldn't see Grant. I ended up going to Target and buying a mirror. It's nice to be able to see Grant in the mirror. I'm glad I have that mirror, because one day, his little head was leaning forward when he was sleeping, and he couldn't lift it back up. If I didn't have that mirror, I would have had no idea. So I definitely suggest getting one of these mirrors. It's great!

6) Fisher Price kick and play gym

I'm really glad I got this. Grant recently just started getting interested in playing. He loves this thing. He likes kicking, and he'll hit the keys on the keyboard, and he'll try to grab the toys hanging. It's a good way to keep him entertain. This mat is also great for tummy time, and when he gets older you can change the piano upright, so he can sit up and play the piano.

7) Fisher Price Infant to Toddler rocker

Grant looks so tiny in this thing! But he's gotten a lot bigger in the last five weeks. I love this rocker! Grant has been so stuffed up and hasn't been sleeping in his pack and play very well. He gets fussy. So he's been using this as his bed for now. What is great about this, is it has vibrations on it and you can rock it. Also you can change the setting on to make it not rock and be more elevated. When Grant gets bigger it can be a toddler rocking chair! I'm so glad I found this product! Way better than just a regular bouncer.

8) Cozy Cover

In the last week it has been summer like weather, so we aren't using it right now, but who's to say it will get cold again. Got this as a shower present, and love it! It's a great way to keep the cold air out when taking Grant from one place to another.

9) 3 in 1 Tropical Rainforest bathtub!

Grant in the picture doesn't like this tub too much, but I do. What is nice about it, is I can set Grant in the nice netting, so he doesn't slip away. And then when he gets bigger I can change the settings. And it comes with fun bath toys for Grant to play with when he gets bigger!

Those are some of my favorite things so far! I'm sure I'll like more products as Grant gets bigger. I must say I have all these ideas in my head for baby products that should be invented. I think some of my ideas would make life easier. Maybe I should go on the show Shark Tank and submit my ideas. lol.

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  1. I have a backseat mirror that I need to put up for peace of mind but really we are never in the car for any length of time. We're traveling for Easter though, so that might be the motivation I need! And I wish Presley liked her bathtub, she hates it! So we just shower her when I take a shower. Super quick & easy & she likes it! Yay.