Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV show love

While being on bedrest when I was pregnant, and being on maternity leave, I've had an opportunity to watch massive amounts of various tv shows on netflix. Especially when spending a lot of time breastfeeding, I might as well use the time productively by watching some shows. So here are the shows I've watched while pregnant and on maternity leave. (Which has been tons of shows!)
1) Parks and Recreation: I actually watched the first episode when it debut a few years ago, but thought it was stupid, and didn't watch the other episodes. So I decided to give it another chance, when Matt took an interest in the show and started watching it. So I watched all the seasons and caught up with the current season. I love this show. I think it is so funny. I love Leslie Knope. I must say, I myself reminds me of Leslie. And Ron makes me laugh. He is my favorite character. If you want some good laugh watch Park's and Rec. And give the show. It takes awhile to warm up to it but it is pretty funny.
2) Big Bang Theory: I've heard a lot about this show. My brother and some of my other friends watch this show and rave about it. I never had an opportunity to watch this show, and I am glad I finally did. It is so funny! Being a Trekie, thanks to my dad, I love the Star Trek references. And I love Sheldon. That character is what makes the show. I must say Big Bang Theory is my new favorite show since Friends. Every episode is a great laugh.
3) Army Wives: I decided to watch this show on a whim, since I was bored and found it on Netflix. I ended up watching all five seasons within 3 weeks. The show is wonderful and has great storyline. Mainly because this it very realistic and people are going through the same things right now, as we are at war. My favorite character is Pamela. The characters go through so much in 5 seasons. If you want a good drama, watch this show! I couldn't stop watching.
4) 30 Rock: I decided to start watching this show during my Christmas break, since it was on Netflix. I've hear multiple 30 references at work. So I thought would join in on the fun. This show is quirky, and fun. I love Liz Lemon. She deals with one crisis after another. The show is very random, but I love the array of characters.
5) United States of Tara: I decided to watch this show on Netflix, while on bedrest. I became attached to this show very quickly. And I'm sad that this show got canceled. I loved the plot, and Tara's multiple personalities. Toni Coliette does an amazing with her acting. I loved the situations she would find herself in as a result of her multiple personalities. I'm just sad the show got canceled. I would have loved more of this show.
6) Greek This show is kind of dumb, and the acting is terrible, but yet I couldn't stop watching it. I guess I liked watching it because I didn't have the crazy college experience. I enjoyed watching the show. It ended up getting canceled, no surprise there considering it was time, the show was starting to get dull. But it was addicting.
7)Wonder Years: I think I watched episodes of this show here and there when I was a kid, but I vaguely remember the show, so I thought I would watch it since it's on Netflix. I'm currently watching season 3, and I must say I love the show. It reminds me of boy meets world, but taking place in the late 1960's. Now that I'm older watching this show, I get more of the humor. It's a great show.
8) Bridalplasty: Ok this is pretty much trash tv, but I came across it on Netflix and had nothing better to watch. Basically it is a reality competition about 12 brides who compete for plastic surgery. They complete challenges, the winner gets one plastic surgery done whether that be a nose job, or a boob job or whatever. Then the bottom two people of the challenge can get votes off. The winner of the entire game gets all the surgeries done that they want and their dream wedding paid for. What makes this show interesting is how cutthroat and catty these women are. You'll hate Janelle. She is just a backstabber. And I pity half these women considering most of them on the show are beautiful and don't even need anything done to them but yet they think they do. Also what is sad is the person that ends up winning deserves to win. But you could tell her husband didn't seem to like all her fake transformation. So is it really worth it just to look good on your wedding day?

9) Switched at Birth: When I first hear about this show I thought the storyline was dumb and there wouldn't be much of a show with it. But when I started watching it, I was surprised. There's enough drama to keep the storyline pretty exciting. Though you wonder how common it really is to be switched at birth.
10) Party Down: This show unfortunately didn't last very long. It only lasted two seasons, which is unfortunate because it's really funny. It's about a catering service. The people that work there hate there job. The unprofessionalism is humorous at times. It's a great show.

So those 10 shows I've watched recently. Yes I've watched way too much tv lately.lol

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