Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Baby effect

One thing I'm learning that when you have baby, how taking them out in public become a circus act. The way that random strangers react to babies is ridiculous. Ok maybe it isn't that ridiculous but no matter where I go in public whether that be the grocery store, bank, library, department store, etc. At least one person approaches me.

This past week, I had an overload of strangers approach me. I would have thought Grant was a celebrity. We went to Sam's, and no joke I think at least 15 plus people oggled and awed over him. I got the "Awww.. he is so tiny! How old is he?". I was starting to get annoyed, though my mom felt like a proud Grandma. I guess I'm just not use to strangers approaching me this way. It's strange how people react to babies. I know myself when I see a cute baby I might smile when walking by, but I won't come up to the parent and ask them their entire history about their child. So it's taking me awhile to get use to this attention my baby is attracting.

Though everyone likes babies. They are cute. It's interesting to see how people in general (including myself) react to babies. No one gets excited if an 8 year old enters a room, but if a baby enters the room, there is an explosion of interest. Everyone wants to hold and coddle a baby.

Here are some baby stranger stories I've encountered so far:

About a month ago I was a target in the bathroom changing Grant's diaper. Two older women enter the bathroom. One asked me what my baby's name was. And I told her his name is Grant. She says, "Ah that is a great name, he's going to be a movie star with that name." Note I didn't even tell her Grant's middle or last name, just his first. So apparently having the name Grant, is going to make my child a movie star. The other woman in the restroom, was also cooing and awing over Grant. She went in the bathroom stall, and kept opening the door to ask numerous questions. I'm glad she wasn't on the toliet, and then opening the door. But I was wondering when she actually was going to go to the bathroom, because she wouldn't stop asking questions, and opening the bathroom stall door. Weird.

A few weeks ago at Krogers, a lady that worked there stopped in her path, to awe over Grant. Asking the typical questions. And then proceeds to show me an ultrasound picture and say how she is going to be a great grandma in the summer. I'm not sure why she had an ultrasound of her grandaugther's, but she was proud that she was going to be a great grandmother.

A couple of houses down in our neighborhood, there is a strange older man that live there. Any time we walk around the neighborhood and pass his house, we hope and pray that he isn't outside because he loves to talk our ears to death. Since the weather has been nice I've been taking walks in the neighborhood with Grant in his stroller. If I see him out in his yard, I avoid him like the plague, and walk the other direction. Well finally I couldn't avoid him no longer. He finally caught me walking by. The old man approaches me, as he has no shirt on. His stomach looks all weird and concave. He has his underwear hanging out over his pants, and their are big holes in his underwear. And he has a pair of cut off jeans. He usually is like that all the time in his yard. It's gross. I try hard not to stare at his nasty chest anytime he talks to me. But anyways he says, "Oh I didn't know you were pregnant. Look at that little guy. What is his name?" I tell him what his name is. He then proceeds to ask me, "What name are is he going by?" I say, "Uh by his first name, Grant." He then says, "The reason I say that is because my name is.... and I don't go by my first name and I find out right before my parents died that they were going to call me this other name." And then we somehow get on the subject of cats, and he was going to give me this article about cats that is in his basement next time I walk by and see him. Creepy. It might not sound like a creepy story, but if you see this guy and actually talk to him, you would understand.

I guess I should just get use to strangers and people I barely know, going crazy over my child. It's just going to take some while to get use to.

This is one stranger, well not stranger that can hold my baby anytime. Isn't Grant so cute

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