Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleeping Woes

When Grant was first born, the first couple weeks were a breeze. He pretty much slept during the day, and went to bed at a decent time. I even convinced myself that babies are actually pretty easy to take care of. And then he hit three weeks. The nurses warned me about babies when they hit 3 weeks. I don't know what changes at three weeks. But now looking back, that is when Grant's fussiness kicked into full gear, and his ability not to want to sleep.

Matt and I both generally night owls, and going to bed midnight every night. Which would explain why we have a nigh owl child. Both of use generally thrive at night, and we both hate waking up in the mornings. I should have know Grant was also going to be a night owl considering when I was pregnant with him, I felt the most movement between 11:00 pm to 1:00 am. So it seems like pretty much since Grant has hit 3 weeks, he thinks his bedtime is at one am. Every night. The earliest I've gotten him to bed was at 10:30, but that has only happened about a couple of times. If I get lucky, I can get him in bed at midnight. But on average, it's 1:00 am. Which is not good for me considering I go back to work in a week! I can't be going to bed at 1:00 am when Grant is still waking up every 2-3 hours for feedings at night. Who needs sleep? I don't!

So this is what a typical night looks like with Grant: He goes to bed usually 1 o'clock. Wakes up at 4:00 for a feeding, than wakes up at 6 for a feeding, then at 8:00. I'm envious of people who have babies younger than Grant and they are already sleeping through the night. I feel like Grant will never sleep through the night anytime soon. Even during the day, he is awake most of the day. He takes cap naps that last for 15 minutes throughout the day. He is such a light sleeper. Anytime I put him down literally 10 minutes later he'll be wide awake. Maybe he is afraid he'll miss on all the excitement of life if he stays asleep. Totally sounds like my child. I should have know I was going to have a child like this, after all I like to be awake more than being asleep. There is just too much life to enjoy. But the lack of Grant wanting to sleep is taking a toll on me. Today I feel wonderful because Grant decided to sleep until 10 am (he went asleep at 1:00 am, we had to wake up 3 times for feedings, but I'll take that, considering I've been getting terrible nights of sleep with him. Last week he was doing this thing where I would nurse him and then wouldn't go to sleep for two hours. Apparently 4:00 am means time to wake up for the day. Luckily he has decided not to do that this week. But he is still doing this thing where I put him to bed after I feed him, then ten minutes later he wakes up, and ends up on my bed. Bad, bad..Then finally I get him asleep. Right now is a rarity, because I put him down at 10:30 and he is still asleep, as it is approaching midnight. That's a first. I hope he stays sleeping. But anyways lately I've been getting horrible headaches because of my lack of sleep. And nothing helps these headaches, but taking naps. But the problem is when Grant doesn't want to sleep at all during the day, it's hard to take naps.

 I'm hoping and praying when I got back to work this Monday (boo!!) that Grant will start getting a better sleeping schedule for my sake or I'm going to be a crappy zombie going into work. We have purchased a swing online tonight. So hopefully when we get that, it will help Grant sleep. I should have gotten that swing from the start! I love my little buddy so much, I just wish he liked his sleep as much as I do. He loves sleeping on me. But that doesn't work so well if I want a good sleep. Two nights ago, when Matt woke up to get ready for work, he found Grant and I sleeping on the couch. It was the only way I could get him to sleep, on my chest, and I also fell asleep.

I know this is a phase, and this too shall pass. Grant is pretty cute and adorable when he sleeps :)

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  1. Oh his face is soooo precious! I know how you feel about the lack of sleep.. we're going through a phase lately where Abi won't sleep without being on mommy, but only at night. Go figure, lol. And you're right, it will eventually get better.. I just keep telling myself there will come a time when my baby won't be a baby anymore and won't need me the way she does now...