Friday, March 2, 2012

The aftereffects of pregnancy

It's been three weeks now since I've had little Grant, and I've been feeling a little down about how I look right now. I know it took nine months for my body to get the way it got, so it would only be natural for it to take awhile to get back to normal. But me be an instant gratification person and being very impatient, I just wish this body transformation would speed up the process and I would be back to normal right now. It makes me sick when I see people who have babies and like a month later look amazing, and you would have never known they had a baby.

Like Beyonce for example, she looked like this a month later after having a baby:

Though some argue she never had the baby, that a surrogate had the baby. I'm beginning to hope this is the case, considering she barely showed when she was pregnant, and looks so amazing after having a baby. It would make me feel better to know that she didn't actually carry her baby. But it seems strange to me that she would pretend to be pregnant. When plenty of stars have done surrogacy, so why be embarrassed by it or feel the need to cover it up? Oh well whatever..

Though Jenna Fischer is inspiring and makes me feel better about myself. I think she looks great for having a baby four months ago, but of course she has probably gotten some scrutiny from Hollywood for her body. But I love that she is embracing it, and she states in an article "that losing baby weight right away just hasn't been a priority." I wish I had that attitude, where I could just embrace it. But I've felt like a cow for so long, that I just want to feel like Megan again.
Here is a picture of Jenna, the one of the left is her four months after pregnancy, and the picture on the right is her before pregnancy.

I feel like I started showing really early on in my pregnancy, and gain weight very quickly, which was one of the reasons I thought I was going to have a huge baby. I was extremely surprised when Grant turned out to be only a 5 pound and 13 oz baby. When I ended up gaining a total of 47 pounds. I think I ended up gaining so much was because of me having preeclampsia. A lot of the weight gain was water weight. A week after having Grant I already lost 21 pounds. Since then I've only lost another 6 pounds. I've been stuck at this 6 pounds for almost two weeks now. I know I will lose weight all in good timing. But I'm so impatient, that I just wish it would happen like magic. Though it's pretty good that I've already lost 27 pounds since having Grant. I have 20 more pounds to go. And I would like to lose an additional 10-15 pounds past my pre-pregnancy weight. One can hope and dream.

Right now I'm in the awkward stage where wearing my maternity clothes are huge on me, and practically falling off of me, but my pre-pregnancy clothes still do not fit. Even my shirts are still really tight on me. My pre-pregnancy pants fit me good in the legs, but I still need to have a smaller belly, in order to get my buttons snapped in. It's depressing when I look in the mirror, because I have this big saggy belly drooping really low. And it is covered with ugly stretch marks. I can't wait for them to fade away. One thing I like about being pregnant was I could show off having a big belly, because I was pregnant, and it's cute to have a pregnant belly. Wearing shirts that make the belly pop out more is a plus. But when you are no longer pregnant, having a belly is no longer cute. You want to do everything you can to conceal it. This is why I am glad I have some baggier maternity tops, that don't look like maternity tops and can hide the saggy belly. It's hard to get my belly flatten and back in shape when I had a c-section and I feel like all my stomach muscles have just fell apart. It is going to take awhile for my stomach muscles to get back to normal. If nothing else I must just embrace the changes so far. Like I've notice my legs are starting to look skinny again. My legs are my best feature, and being pregnant made my entire thigh, ankles, and calves swell up like a balloon.

Here is a picture of me yesterday wearing my pre-pregnancy pants. They don't quite fit yet, but this is why its great to use the belly-belt I bought when I was pregnant. Not only is it great to use when pregnant, but even after pregnancy!

When I was pregnant, my entire face was really swelled up. I had some double chin action going on. But now that I'm no longer pregnant, I think my face is going back to normal!

Here is a picture of my face, right before I went to the hospital, and 3 days before I had Grant:

Here is a picture of me exactly three weeks after having Grant! And having a nice new haircut. I needed a haircut! Those prenatal vitamins make my hair grow like a weed. I'm finally starting to look like Megan again!

My finger is still fat, and my wedding ring doesn't fit yet. :( I'm hoping it will fit me again soon. I miss it. It's been since September since I've worn it.

Even though I'm disgusted with my body right now, it was definitely worth it having Grant. He is so adorable and I still can't get over that I had him! I just hope my pants will start fitting me again soon. I guess I can't complain of the progress I've made in 3 weeks. Hopefully in another 3 weeks, I'll look amazing!


  1. Losing 27 lbs in 3 weeks is amazing! Beyonce and those other stars only look so good because they have the money to hire live in personal trainers and dieticians to make them skinny again. You will get there! Spring is just around the that will give you tons of opportunities for walking with Grant to shed whatever leftover weight you want to get rid of....I think you look great for having a baby 3 weeks ago!

  2. You look amazing in that picture. Wow. I had expected a different person in the picture based on your description. I think you may be a bit hard on yourself?

    Hollywood women--I hate them. They have surgeries, fitness trainers, and nutritionists and all the crazy ways to lose weight FAST FAST FAST. To me; they're unrealistic, really.

    You will fit in your cute pre-pregnancy clothes before you know it!

  3. Thanks ladies for the nice and encouraging comments! Definitely makes me feel better :)