Friday, February 17, 2012

Everyday as a mom is a new adventure

So I've been a mom for a week now! And boy have I learned some lessons and some interesting things already. And since I'm a new mom I figure it was only fitting to change my blog title, considering I'm no longer a hormonal crazy pregnant woman. lol. So now my blog title is "Life lessons of a New Mommy."

Some interesting things I've learned so far as a new mommy:

1) Modesty goes out the window. My boobs have been shown off to to the world, for the sake of trying to feed my child.

Since I've had Grant, I feel like I've showed off my boobs to doctors, nurses, family members and friends. I tend to be a very modest person (or at least I try to be, I've been known for some accidental flashings)I like to keep things covered, and not wear revealing clothing, and show off my boobies to the world. But as soon as Grant has been born, that doesn't seem to matter anymore. I don't really care if I show off my boobs to everyone, because now I need to feed my child. My boobs are food for the baby. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to expose them out in the open when breast feeding in public, I'll cover with a blanket, but when it comes to family members and friends visiting, some boobies may be exposed. Oh well.

2) Changing diapers is an everyday adventure, you never know what is going to happen next.

So far in Grant's week of life he has given me a roller coaster of excitement, especially in the diaper department. Matt and I have learned that you must cover up the boy parts immediately with a diaper. One day Matt didn't cover up Grant, and he shot pee like three feet above his head, on the wall! And then one day, I was changing his diaper, didn't cover, and he got pee all over his back by his head, and there was a big puddle by him as well. Last night thank God I put a diaper underneath him, because before I could even close his diaper, he pooped all over his fresh diaper. I'm glad I put a diaper underneath him or that would have been a big mess. And he goes through diapers like crazy. Yesterday I changed his diaper 3 times in a half hour, as soon as I put on a new diaper, and his clothes back on I hear this explosion. Diaper changing is never a dull moment. That is for sure.

3)With boys, you always need to make sure you put the little boy part facing down in the diaper, and shouldn't be pointing up.

The first day Grant was born the nurse told us this. Well I keep forgetting to make sure it's pointed down. One day his pee shot upward and got all over his clothes. And then the same thing happened again, and he leaked all over his pack and play. I had to scrub it down with soap and took a blow dryer to dry it. I really need to remember to check this every time I change his diaper!

4) Priorities change, and there's a lack of time to do anything
A key example of this, is I started this blog entry last Friday, and I finally have had a chance to finish this blog entry a week later. I'm rarely on Facebook anymore. Which is probably a good thing because I spend WAY to much time on there. My time is now a rotation of changing Grant's diaper, feeding him, cuddling him, putting him down for bed, napping when he naps, and starting the process all over again. I cherish the small moments when I have time to myself to do things.

5) I'm starting to master the art of doing everything with one hand.
Toting around a baby in one hand has made me become very skilled in using one hand. Such as typing with one hand, fixing a bottle with one hang, writing with my right hand instead of my left.

6) You can have ideals and certain things you wanted to do as a parent, but once you actually have your child, those things can go out of window. For example I was hoping to exclusively breast feed. I scoffed at the idea of formula, and told myself I would never have to use that. Well unfortunately due to some events (long story) I had to give Grant formula as a supplement, luckily I got to stop doing this. But I was hoping I wouldn't have to use formula. At this point I still may have to use formula. I hope this is not the case, but having a child is unpredictable, you may have certain expectations of how things may go as a parent. But life has other plans.

7) I thought it was bad when I was pregnant with all the worrying, but the worrying only gets worse, pretty much like times 100.
All I do now is worry. Every little cough or grunt makes me jump, and I have to check to make sure Grant it ok. Some nights its hard to go to sleep, because I'm listening to his every sound. I pretty much worry about everything I do with him. I know this worrying will not go away, it pretty much will stick with me for the rest of my life.

8) I didn't realize how many diapers babies really do go through.
Holy Crap, babies go through diapers so quickly! We got a pack of 36 diapers, and used then in like 5 days time. I just ended up buying 3 packs of 72 diapers on I hope they last for awhile. This makes me wish we could use cloth diapers. But Matt is against them. :( I've tried to persuade him as to why they are better to use. But my persuasion has not work.

9) Being a parent is very unpredictable, you never know what you're going to expect.
Such as last week, we had to go to the hospital for two days, because Grant had jaundice. I had enough of the hospital after being there for six days. I wasn't expecting to be back there 3 days later. I wasn't expecting Grant to have jaundice, and didn't realize how common it is to happen to babies. And then there was drama with Grant losing weight. It is normal for babies to lose weight in the first week, but the doctor's were concerned he wasn't getting enough, as to why I had to give him formula. And we have to go to a specialist this Monday, since Grant does in fact only have one kidney. I never realized how many fun adventures I would have with the doctor.

10) Breastfeeding is very time consuming.
Don't get me wrong I love breastfeeding and I know it provides wonderful things for my baby. But boy did I not realize how long a breastfeeding session could be! Sometimes I'm sitting there for 45 minutes or more. It's especially rough in the middle of the night, and I'm fighting to stay awake.

So those are my life lessons of being a mommy so far! Actually I know I have more, but that is all I can think of right now. And I have so many ideas for blog entries! Now if only can find the time to write them. It only took a week to write this one!

And lets end this blog entry with an adorable picture of Grant!

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