Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Lessons of Pregnancy

First off, if you haven't notice, my blog has gotten a new makeover! I thought it was time to change it's look. So now it's pretty!

When I first started this blog I created a tab called "Life lessons of pregnancy so far". Every time I did certain blog entries, I would add life lessons to this tab. Well I realized I haven't updated this tab in forever! So I thought since I'm approaching the end of my pregnancy, I add on to this list, because there are so definite lessons I've learned in the duration of my pregnancy. It's very interesting as to what I thought being pregnant would be like and what it actually is to be pregnant. Completely different. So to refresh your memory, here are my 6 life lessons of pregnancy, (Which have correlated to previous blog entries:)

1) Pregnant women should not go to rock concerts, at least in a stuffy hot indoor venue. Really concerts like this are no fun when you can't drink, and you're just raging with angry pregnant lady hormones.

2) Just because they are getting bigger doesn't mean they look pretty.

3)While I'm excited to be expecting, pregnancy is seriously is not good for my self esteem. I feel like it's slowly depleting as each day goes by.

4) Having a pet is good practice for motherhood.

5) Spend a day with a two month old and a two year old and get a sneak peak into motherhood.

6)You can't be as fashion savvy when pregnant, you have to give up some certain stylish trends such as high heels, your regular clothes (maternity clothes are sadly just not the same)

So since then I've obviously learned quite a bit of life lessons being pregnant, so here are my other life lessons, with added Megan commentary:

7) Everyone watches and judges everything you do as a pregnant woman. They judge everything you eat, every move you make. And have their "opinions" of what terrible things you are doing to your unborn child. (When most of the things aren't so terrible, but everyone has their own idea of what terrible is)

One thing I've learned and this is not a knock on anyone I know in particularly. But I've noticed people in generally are very critical of everything I do as a pregnant woman. Like one day at work I came into a meeting with a chi tea latte, (it didn't have that much caffeine in it, and I haven't even had much caffeine that day) I got reamed by my co-workers for drinking it! They were like "Oh my gosh Megan why are you drinking that, your blood pressure is high!" Also reminds me of how much flack I got for going on a haunted trail with a friend when I was five months pregnant. It was perfectly fine, I didn't get hurt, the trail was just fine, and not remotely scary. But yet a handful of people scolded me for my choices. Bottom line I haven't drink any alcohol, smoke, take any drugs, eat sushi, or do anything destructive that is going to dis-form my child, but yet I feel like being pregnant puts me under a fine magnifying glass of judgements. Sigh. Ok ending soapbox with this.

8)Things never go as planned in a pregnancy, you can have this perfect envision of how your pregnancy and birth will go, but it probably will go completely the opposite of what you are hoping.
Like I've said in a previous blog entry, expect the unexpected. With this pregnancy, I've definitely have had the unexpected such as hypertension, going on bedrest, and having to be possibly induce.

9)The Third Trimester is definitely the worse trimester. I would revisit the first trimester 100 times more than the third trimester.
First Trimester of puking my guts out and extreme nausea, isn't remotely as bad as constant pain in every part of my body, having the sensation of a 10 pound bowling ball between my legs. It's just wonderful the third trimester! Not. Now I know why women are so eager to want to have their baby towards the end of their pregnancy.

10)People are very nice to pregnant women. The generosity that comes from all my loved ones and friends, and stranger is wonderful! I enjoy the special treatment.

People have been so generous to me since I've been pregnant, and I appreciate all the love and support I've been given! Family members have made us frozen meals. People are work have been wonderful and supportive as I've been on bedrest. My friends have been so helpful as well. It makes me so happy to have such wonderful people that care about pregnant me :)

11) Bed rest is terribly boring, and just makes pregnancy go by even slower. Though I know later I'm going to look back and miss this bed rest time, and regret not using it in a more constructive manner.

Me being a very high strung, energetic and active person, being confined to a bed is terrible. This brings me back to the good old days when I was confined to a couch when I broke my leg twice. Though I know when the baby comes I'm going to probably value the time I had on bedrest, considering motherhood= no free time.

12) Pregnancy barely many battle wounds and scars, just as weight gain, stretch marks, swollen face, hands, and feet.

I was really depressed looking at per-pregnancy pictures of myself yesterday. I didn't realize how much pregnancy has changed my body until I started looking at pictures of myself. I know all these changes are worth it in the end, but I didn't realize how much pregnancy would warp a body.

13)Babies cost a crapload of money. I can't believe how much money I've spent on this baby already and I haven't even had him yet.

Pretty much self-explanatory. We've spent quite a bit on the baby already, and I know it will even be ten times more through out the duration of baby's life. Well probably even way more than ten times more.

14) Having high blood pressure during pregnancy, is given me even higher blood pressure. And it makes me hate things that are heredity.

Like I've said in previous blog entries, having high blood pressure, has just caused me more stress. Between the constant worrying, being on bed-rest, unable to work, and going to the doctor twice a week for non-stress tests, having this whole high blood pressure thing is just giving me a headache. I'll be happy when my blood-pressure goes back to normal.

15) People touching my belly isn't as annoying as I thought it would be.

I thought I would be weirded out with people touching my belly, but it's not as weird as I thought it would be. It makes me feel like I'm the genie of the lamp, and people are rubbing my belly to make a wish. Ok that came out weird..

16) My cat is so spoiled, he is in for a rude awakening when the baby comes.

Poor Marco, he is so spoiled, he cater to our cat way too much, I hope he doesn't get jealous when the baby comes. Because we pretty much treat Marco like a baby.

17) I've never eaten so many blocks of cheese in my entire life. I go through a block of cheese in a weeks time. Who knew being pregnant would make me like cheese so much.

Since I've been pregnant, I've had an absurd craving for eating cheese and crackers. Before I was pregnant I loved eating cheese, but now it has became an obsession. I've been buying a block of cheese every week. I don't know why I can't stop eating so much cheese. Cravings are so weird!

18) They don't make maternity shirts big enough to cover a ninth month belly. Half of all my shirts don't fit anymore, and they are maternity shirts! Nothing like looking like a hick with my belly hanging out. (Thank God for the belly band!)

I thought the point of maternity shirts was to cover the belly completely! But the lower and bigger my belly has gotten, my maternity shirts are just getting shorter and shorter. They really need to design maternity shirts to fit the entire 9 months, and not be a one size fits all. It seems like maternity shirts are designed to fit one type of woman for the entire 9 months. Not women of different sizes and shapes.

19)Being pregnant is a constant battle of non-stop worrying. And unfortunately I know this is only the beginning. I'll pretty much be worrying about my child for the rest of my life.

I'm a worry wart to begin with and being pregnant makes me worry everyday. I know it's natural to worry. I just want a healthy baby, and I'm constantly worry and all I hope for is a healthy baby.

20)Being pregnant is a good excuse to take tons of naps! :)

I love all the naps I get to take when being pregnant, and I'm enjoying my beauty sleep while I get to take it.

21) When being pregnant, be prepared for people to ask you the same 5 questions over and over again.

Like I've said in a previous blog entry, is I feel like I need a tee-shirt with all the answers to the same five questions people ask me. Now it makes me realize not to be so annoying and ask other pregnant women these questions all the time.

So there are my pregnancy life lessons! If I think of anymore, (which I'm sure I will) there will be more to come.

I can't believe I'll be having a baby in about a week and a half or so! Eek!!

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