Monday, February 27, 2012

It's fun to play dress up

One thing that I have always been very meticulous about is the things I wear. I like everything to coordinate, like my shoes, scarves, jewelery, clothing, etc. I try to be trendy. I will say I have my occasional fashion disasters. Sometimes I forget that now that I'm in my late twenties, that I really need to quit shopping in the juniors section, and I'm not 16 anymore. But for the most part I love to look fashionable, and I love wearing dresses. Which is one reason why I love my job because it gives me a reason to wear dresses, and dress type clothing. And can I say that is one thing that I'm excited about it is being able to fit into my non-pregnancy clothes! I haven't seen most of them for over 6-7 months. They are all packed away in boxes in our basement. Right now I still can't fit into my pants, but my maternity pants are practically falling off me, so that is reassuring! So hopefully me and my pretty clothing will reunite once again!

Me being a planner, I will usually plan out my outfits a week in advance. Have mapped out in my head, what outfit I will wear on a certain day of the week. I also make sure I'm very careful not to repeat wearing the same outfit to work at least for 3 to 4 weeks. I have a ridiculous amount of clothing that I could do this. Though when I was pregnant, I had a limited wardrobe, so outfit repeats happened more frequently. To me this is very important, not repeating outfits. I don't know why I am so concerned by it. But it's one of those weird things I get bothered by. Like I notice when people wear the same outfit twice in one week, or twice in a two week span. It's weird that I notice this or am even bothered by it. I guess I'm so concerned that I don' wear the same outfit twice, is so people don't think I don't have very many clothes. That and I like having a variety of clothing to wear. I oddly have a photographic memory as to what clothes I have worn. For example I remember the exact outfit I wore when I went on our first date with Matt. I was wearing my midnight blue v-neck shirt (it was also v-neck in the back as well) with a pair of black shorts. The outfit I had on our wedding day before I got into my wedding dress was my light blue button up shirt with sliver stripes on it, with a pair of jean. The outfit I had on the day I went to the hospital where I ended up having Grant three days later was a purple v-neck shirt with a pair of my maternity jeans. It's strange that I even remember this. Especially considering I first started dating Matt almost six years ago. There were no pictures taken of these days. So it's not a picture that makes me remember these outfits. I guess if the day had significant meaning to me, I can remember the outfit I wore that day. So maybe this is why planning my outfits is so important to me. And this is why having a photographic memory with my clothing wearing makes it easier to not have a repeated outfits. I also make sure if I'm seeing the same person who I saw a month or two ago, that I don't wear the same outfit that I wore when when I saw them the first time. I want them to see me in a different outfit. I know I sound crazy with my outfit planning. lol. Apparently I've been like this my entire life. Ask my mom, she said I was concerned with clothing at a very early age.

Point I'm trying to make, now that I have a child of my own, I quite enjoy dressing him. Now I need to have a girl, because I would just have a ball with all the cute outfits and accessories I could dress her up in! Unfortunately I can't do too many accessories with a boy. Well I could do a hat or something. But regardless, I enjoy dressing up little Grant! And I'm so concern over how he is dressed. Like last week, a friend called and said they wanted to visit to see Grant. He had this outfit on, that looked ok, but to me it wasn't cute worthy. So ridiculous me had to change his outfit really quick, because I wanted to make sure my friend saw him in a cuter outfit. I know I'm ridiculous. When we visited Matt's parents yesterday I had to make sure he didn't have the same outfit he wore last week when Matt's parents saw him. Does it really matter if he has the same outfit on? Probably not, but I just want to show off all his cute outfits to everyone, so that means not wearing the same outfit twice when seeing the same people. Matt thinks I'm crazy, which I am. He tells me "Megan he is a baby, why does it matter what he wears?" But to me it does matter. I want my child to be fashionable. And is they look mismatched or disheveled, that is a reflection of my own fashion sense, since I'm the one dressing him. And I can't have that on my fashionable conscious.

Most of the clothes I got at my shower were bigger size like 0 to 3 months. I think most people thought I was having a bigger baby. Even I thought I was having a bigger baby. I only had like a few newborn outfits. Because everyone told me, he won't fit into them very long, and will outgrow them. Well I wasn't excepting that I would have a very tiny 5 pound baby. Most of the newborn clothing Grant has, he is drowning in. The outfit we brought him home in, Grant's pant were practically falling off him, and it looked like you could fit two of him in there. When I came home from the hospital, I had a crying fit, and called my mother in upset, because I had nothing for my child to wear. Everything was huge on him. Again the things to cry about! I blame the hormones! My wonderful mother went to Babies-R-us, and purchased about 100 dollars worth of outfits. Carters brand seems to be the brand that fits Grant the best. His outfit still are a little big on him, so the time he does fit into his 3 month outfits, it probably will be very warm. Oh well. So to avoid spending more money on Grant's outfits, I try to make the best of what I have. I bought white long sleeve onsies so he can wear his short sleeve onsies over it. This creates more outfits this way.

Here's an outfit I put together for Grant to wear today:

And here is a picture of Grant in one of my favorite outfits he has that Grandma Sherman gave him:

I just love dressing Grant and take pride in it. I want to make sure I have a fashionable child. This is why when I see this I cringe:

Matt does that to his socks so they stay on better. But I think it makes Grant look nerdy. Again I get the "Megan, he's a baby, who cares." response from Matt. But I care, I don't want my son to be wearing his socks all nerdy. Oh well I guess I get over it considering they do stay up better that way.

I know eventually when Grant gets older he will not want his mother dressing him, so in the meanwhile I got to enjoy having the privilege to dress my son. I must say I love it!

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  1. Megan, I do the same thing with white onesies. Julianna is tall for her age so at 5 or 6 months, she was wearing 9 month onesies. And most of the 9 month onesies I have are short sleeved because people thought she wouldn't be in 9 month stuff till Spring. So I bought a bunch of long sleeved onesies and she wears them underneath. Whatever works! -Donna