Sunday, May 31, 2015

Interview with a three year old

 In one one of the online mom groups that I am in, someone posted questions to ask your toddler. You had to write down their answers exactly what they said. There were some funny answers. I thought I would do this with Grant, and his answers made me laugh. He thought it was a game. He liked it so much he asked if I had another game after I was finished with asking the questions.

My favorite is he thinks I am only one years old. But somehow I got older when I he was born. According to him I was two. Also the thing that I am good at is people. Not sure what that means. Maybe he thinks I am a good people person.

Enjoy these funny words from a three year old as much I did.

Kids say the darnest things. :)

Grant likes answering questions but doesn't like his picture getting taken.

1) What is your name?

2) How old are you?

3) What are you favorite things? 
"Chocolate Milk, Kindle, my hot wheels and playing in the pool"

4) What do you like to do?
"Play in the pool"

5) What is your favorite color?

6) What is your sister's name?
"Hollybob. She is my baby"

7)How old is Hollybob?

8) Do you love your sister?

9) When does Holly make you mad?
"Her take my hotwheels. I not like it."

10) What color of hair do you have?

11) What is your favorite tv show?

12) What is your favorite toys? 
"My Mcdonald's toys, they are my favorite."

13) Where do you want to go to vacation at?
"Great wolf lodge"

14) What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Ho, ho"

15) What is your favorite food?

16) What is something mom always says to you?
“Are you happy?"

17) What makes mom happy?
“I love you"

18) What makes mom sad?

19) What was mom like as a child?
“Like Hollybob" 

 20)How old is mom?

 21)How tall is mom?
"This big" (He reaches really high with his arms)

 22)What is mom’s favorite thing to do?
"Watch TV"

23) If mom becomes famous what will it be for?

24) What is mom really good at?

25) What is mom not really good at?
“Messing with my hot wheels" 

26)What does mom do for a job?
"Going to work in your car"

 27) What is mom's favorite food?

28)What makes you proud of your mom?

29)  If mom was a character who would she be?
“Cake Boss" 

 30)What do you and mom do together?

 31) How are you and mom the same?
“You are high like Daddy" 

32)How are you and mom different?
“You are high"

 33)What does mom like most about dad?
“You love him"

 34)Where is moms favorite place to go?
“To go get cookies"

35)  How old was mom when you were born?

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