Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Grant!

I can't believe my little buddy is already two! Grant turned two this past Sunday. He had an Elmo theme birthday and had a lot of fun. He is growing so fast! It's amazing to think he was once only 5 lbs, and 13 oz. He was such a tiny guy! Now he runs around the house, and is so loud and has a cute little personality. I definitely see some of my quirkiness in him!

So here are some pictures of how little Grant has grown in the last two years:


6 months

A year old and already loving Elmo!

18 months!
2 years old!
Grant weighs 24 lbs and 10 oz. And he is 34 1/2 inches long! Sadly he is only in the 12 percentile for his weight. But doctor is not worried since he has been consistently in that percentile. He is in the 52 percentile for his height, and in the 75 percentile for his head circumstance. Little buddy has a big head! It's for all those great brains he has.

Here are some things Grant can do at two:
  • He LOVES to color. The sitter says he colors pretty much all day long there, and is pretty content doing so. Grant has started to figure out that he needs to color in the general area where the picture is in the coloring book, and tries to stay in the lines, which impresses me.
  • He has an obsession with taking off his pants and running around the house with his diaper on.
  • He likes to pretend play and put on a bunch of hats, and wear our shoes, carrying a book or something that resembles a suitcase, and says "Bye" and walks away. It makes me laugh.
Silly Boy
  •  When he gets mad at me he says "I'm mad at you!" with such sass.
  • He loves to help me feed Kitty by bringing his food dish to Marco's food dish holder.                   
  • He's used the potty several times, not consistent, but he semi has it figured out. We probably still have a way to figure that out.
  • He knows how to put his own shoes on, even on the right foot. 
  • He loves to say "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone he comes across. He is very friendly.  
  • He doesn't like Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street. Every time she comes on, Grant gets disinterested and turns off the tv.
  • Grant is obsessed with using the Kindle. And knows how to match up shapes on puzzle apps, and loves Endless Alphabet.  He ever knows how to close out of an app and get back to the home page. And he gets mad at me if I try to help him. (Getting independent already, oo oh!)
  • Grant is so sweet to his sister Holly. And I love the way he says her name.                                               
  • He loves trains, cars, and firetrucks.                                                                                                        
  •  He has a sweet tooth, and loves cookies, and chocolate.
  • He loves to look through books and have me read to him.His comprehension blows me away. If I am talking about him to my mom, he knows exactly what I'm saying and knows I'm talking about him. I got to watch what I say around him, and will want the things I'm mentioning. 
I can't believe my little guy is two. He amazes me everyday with all the things he does. I'm excited to see what two brings. He definitely is getting very emotional and can turn it on and off very quickly. The terrible twos are here! Though everyone keeps telling me three is worse. But regardless of the extra emotions I love the little person Grant is becoming. He is so cute! Let's bring on year two!

Happy Birthday Grant!

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  1. Happy Birthday Grant! Such a handsome big boy! It's crazy all the things our kiddos can do these days, huh?