Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby's first Christmas

Grant and his first Christmas has been so fun! Grant has been so fascinated with the joys of Christmas. The first thing he fell in love with was the Christmas tree. He has a fascination with yanking the the ribbons on the tree. I can't tell you how many times I had to run to the tree in fear that it will fall on his head. He loves grabbing the ornaments off the tree. Good thing most of the ornaments I have are mostly plastic (thanks to Marco breaking all the glass ones over the years). Grant did break one ornament though. Even though I usually keep the tree up until New Years, I am getting very close to taking the tree down now, because Grant won't stop messing with the tree. When I tell him no, he laughs at me. Ironically even though Grant has tons of new toys from Christmas, the ornaments off the tree are still more exciting.

I also have a little bowl of ornaments on the coffee table. I can't tell you how many times I have takes the ornaments off the table, because Grant wants to mess with them. I will say I have learned it hard to have pretty Christmas decorations with a baby. 

Look me, I'm not messing with anything
It's bad because today I wanted to get the house clean, but Grant was being very clingy, and his toys were not entertaining him, so I gave him a the bowl of ornaments. He had a high ole time playing with them and I was actually able to get things done with cleaning.

I love ornaments!
Grant also has a fasination with the end table of Christmas joy. As you can see in the picture below there, is a lot of neat things for a baby to get a hold of.

This table is pretty much what encourage Grant to learn how to pull himself up. It seems like a week after I put all these cute snowmen on the table, Grant started to figure out how to take all of the stuff off. Now the snowmen look like they have been through a battle, because they have fell on the ground so many times. One of the snowmen lost his nose, and part of his hat. Once Grant became really good at pulling himself up, he then started grabbing the coasters of the table. When I first put all the stuff on the table, Matt told me Grant would probably get to it. I told him there was no way that Grant couldn't reach it. Grant proved me wrong. hehehe..

Grant's other Christmas fascination is with wrapping paper. Wrapping presents was one of the things I could get done if I let Grant make a big mess and play with the bows. I quickly discovered that I had to keep tabs on the scissors at all times. Grant had a big infatuation with sharp shiny objects. The fun part was being able to wrap Grant's presents with Grant watching. He had no idea what I was doing and he enjoyed playing with them, while I wrapped them. As you can see in the pictures, Grant had quite a bit of fun with wrapping paper.

I used the changing table as my wrapping station, so Grant wouldn't mess with the scissors and ribbon. As you can see Marco wanted to be part of the action.

I love bows!

Having Fun!

I really enjoy playing with empty wrapping paper rolls

Grant surprisingly did really good with opening presents. Sometimes he would start losing interest and start playing with another toy or chase other pieces of paper around. It was so cute watching Grant open presents. Out of all his presents, it seemed like he liked Marco's toy the most. Marco didn't like that Grant played with his new toy, so he took it away from him. lol.

Had fun opening presents
All the toys Grant got from Santa and from family. So many things to play with but the tree is still more exciting.

That's my toy not yours!

It was also great making gifts for Daddy and getting a gift from Daddy as well!

Here is a gift that Grant made and we gave to Daddy:

 Daddy and Grant have me this amazing bracelet, it has a heart that says mom on it, and then it has my birthstone, Matt's and Grant's, I love it!

Grant had so much fun this Christmas. He loved playing with his cousins and play with there new Christmas toys. We still have Christmas to do with Matt's parents. I can't wait to watch Grant open more presents! Christmas has been enjoyable this year and I love watching Grant explore the joys of Christmas. I can't wait for what 2013 brings, and watching Grant get bigger and bigger, and learn new things! Merry Christmas, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! :)

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