Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things in us that I see in him

One thing that marvels me about life and having a baby, is it's literally the best surprise you'll ever get. You have no idea what he or she will look like or how they will act, until they are born. You can only imagine what they will look like until they enter this world. When Grant was born, I was blown away that I helped create such a beautiful and remarkable drop of life. As Grant gets older, I'm awestruck by his adorable smiles, giggles, sparkling blue eyes, and just cute face.

Today when I was getting my haircut, I had to take Grant with me. Luckily the other ladies who worked there gracelessly offered to hold Grant while I got my haircut. Grant was so good, and loved all the attention he was getting from random strangers. One of the girls who was holding Grant asked me if this was my first kid, and then told me I needed to make more babies, because Grant is so adorable and handsome, that I need to continue making cute babies. This made me chuckle. In a sense it makes me feel proud and boastful that my great genetics and Matt's genetics combined made such an beautiful and adorable baby.

Each day I see aspects of myself and Matt in Grant. I can't wait when Grant gets older, and I can start seeing his personality come out more. So here are things so far that I see in Grant that has came from either Matt or myself:

1) Grant has my eyes, and Matt's light blue color. I absolutely love his eyes, they are so expressive.

 2) Grant gives serious looks all the time like his daddy. And has many "Matt" like expressions. I mean look at them, they are like a pea and pod.


 3) Grant has his Daddy's red hair. I was always hoping our son would have red hair. Matt didn't think it was possible, because it skipped a generation in his family. But when I saw a tint of red in Grant's hair when he was born, I smiled. His hair is really starting to look red, especially in the sun!

4) Grant loves to be awake, and hates sleep, and is a night owl, like his mommy and daddy. I should have know that we would have a kid that doesn't like to sleep, and won't go to bed any sooner then 10 pm. Grant rarely takes long naps during the day, for he is afraid he'll miss something exciting. And it's a fight to put him to bed. Matt and I are both night owls. During the week, we usually don't go to bed until midnight. When I wasn't working, I wouldn't go to bed until 2-3 o'clock in the morning. So I should have know that our child would be the same way. He has too much living to do. Who needs to sleep?

5) He's a generally happy baby and well nature like his mommy. Grant is such a good baby. He loves to smile and is usually happy all the time. I love his baby smiles and giggles.

6) He looks good in green and brown like his daddy. Those are his colors.

7) He's a social butterfly like his mommy. He likes to say "Hi" and talk to people a lot. Usually the hi, is just repeating when we say hi, but it's so cute, it's like he is greeting us. He love to talk in his own little baby language. He loves to look around, and he loves being held by people. If someone is holding him, he is happy.

8) He loves being outside. Not sure where he got that fun, considering Matt and I do not like the outdoors. But he could be outside all day and be the happiest baby. When he starts crying, I take him outside, and he instantly calms down. He loves riding in his stroller, and looking around. The outdoors is Grant's zen.

9) He is high maintenance like his mommy.  Grant is a prince. He doesn't like being swaddled, or having pacifiers, he is a formula snob, and will not drink formula even if he is hungry. He likes to be held all the time. Someone must be paying attention to him all the time. Maybe he is just how most babies are, but he definitely likes things a certain way. He's a particular guy already!

Grant is so cute, and I love little quirks and features that Grant has so far. I can't wait to see him when he is about 2 years old and he can start talking. I know he'll be simply adorable.

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