Saturday, June 23, 2012

Singing songs from the heart

Being a mom I've discovered multiple ways to calm my child down when he is really upset. One I've noticed is when I sing to him. Grant will be bawling his head off, I make up a ridiculous jingle up and he'll instantly calm down. I should have know I would have an musical child who enjoys hearing my ridiculous voice. I love to randomly burst into song at work all the time. I annoy my co-workers quite often. Say a word, and I'll start singing a song assoicated with that song. I love singing karaoke, and singing in my car. I'm pretty obnoxious. So I love that I can use my being obnoxious to entertain my child. Grant will be upset and crying, I'll start singing and he is happy.

I've developed a variety of ridulous songs and chants for Grant. I may look ridiculous and get odd stares, but Grant enjoys it.

Some include:

"I love Grant, yes I do. I love Grant how about you?"

"Don't cry little buddy, I love you, don't cry little buddy, it's me and you"

(In the tune of that Evita song) "Don't cry for me Grant Taylor Sherman, the truth is I never left you, I always love you, even though you cry. Everything will be ok, yes it will be."

"Mommy puts the dishes in the dishwasher, we watch the dishes get clean in the dishwasher. We put the plates in the bottom and the cups in top. It's fun to put the dishes in the dishwasher."

(In the tune of Frere jacques) "It's ok Grant, It's ok Grant, please don't cry, please don't cry. I know your belly hurts bad, I know your belly  hurts bad, it's ok. It's ok."

Yep I know I make up ridiculous impromptu songs. And I must say I enjoy it considering it makes my child happy. And I in general enjoy it, because I love to make up songs. I should be a children's song writer. haha. Totally joking with my wonderful skills.

And for your entertainment, here is one of my songs I sing to great all the time, it's my variation of the song "Hi my name is Joe and I work in a button factory":


  1. haha I do the same things with Cole :) These silly songs just come to you at random times...must be a mommy prerequisite lol

  2. Must be a mommy thing because I do it too!! :) I love the little video, Grant is getting so big!