Friday, August 22, 2014

My little 2 1/2 year old

It looks like he is flipping me the bird! But he just didn't want his picture taken
This kiddo makes me smile, pull my hair out, laugh, and cry all at the same time. I can't believe he is already 2 1/2. I feel like the last the differences between 2 and 2 1/2 are astonishing. Grant's language has really sky rocketed in the last month or so. He says a lot of different sentences and gets really sassy about things. It cracks me up. He also has a temper and likes to test my patience on a regular basis. This kid puts terrible two to a whole new level! I know people keep saying three is worse. But I like to think that I have a special two year old where he'll be a perfect angel by three! (One can wish, right? )

Grant is such a funny little guy, and I love the personality coming out of him.

He wanted to wear Holly's headband

Here are some funny things he has said or done recently:
  • Grant is ridiculous and has to have his milk microwaved. (Yes I cater to this ridiculousness) He calls his sippy cup "bottle" And this is the conversation we have in the morning:                Grant: "I want my bottle, microwaved."  Me holding Holly, walking around really tired.     Grant: Put Holly down. Hold me!" 
  •  I was singing one day, Grant puts his hand over my mouth and tells me to be quiet
  • Grant likes to walk around on all fours, pant and say "I'm a puppy!" And sometimes he'll come up to me and lick me. So weird and silly. 
  • Other funny conversation that happens a lot with his "bottle":                                              Grant: "I want my bottle" Me:  "Mommy can't get it right now, she is changing Holly. Dad can get it for you." Grant: "No! You get it! Daddy's outside!"
  • Every time we leave to go to the sitter's house, Grant has to take a ridiculous amount of toys. So many that his hands are filled with toys and mine are too.
  • Grant thinks he always has to go bye-bye. I usually like to just take Holly with me when I go grocery shopping. But Grant looks all excited and says "I go bye bye" Where it melts your heart and you can't say no. I have had to sneak out of the house before. And he will cry after he finds out that I left. 
  • He loves condiments and dips his veggies and food onto mustard, tarter sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc. It really grosses me out, but he seems to enjoy it.
  • He LOVES to color. And he has somehow managed to figure out how to draw crayon on his skin and draw artwork on his face. Today he gave himself a mustache. 
  •  His verision of counting is "One, two, One, two."
  • Everything is the color blue
  • He loves to watch videos of trains. And toy train reviews on youtube. He'll say "I watch choo choo."
  • He has his moments and can be sweet with his sister like holding her hand when they go for a bike ride in the pea pod trailer. It's the cutest thing every to watch.
I can sometimes be a nice big brother.
  • I got Grant a dragon bath towel, and one night Matt gave him a bath, and he was going to use a regular towel, and Grant says "I want my Dragon towel" Matt puts the towel on him and Grant goes, "I'm a baby Dragon. Rawrl!!!"        
  •  Grant goes "Woo Hoo" when he is happy about something. And it can be as simple as "Grant, mommy is going to make dinner." And he'll go "Woo Hoo!" in the cutest tone ever. 
  • He remembers things by injury. Anytime I mention our trip to Great wolf lodge, which was a month ago when we went, he'll rub his head and say "Owie". He remembers that he felt on the concrete floor from running on the wet floor when we were there.          
  •  He is becoming very independent and wants to do EVERYTHING himself, and will say "I do it!" 
  • His favorite song is "This old man" and when he wants me to sing it, he'll say "Give a dog a bone!" When he sings his version of the song, its stinking cute!
  • Everything is his, and if Holly picks it up he gets very upset by it and tries to take it from her hands. He is so possessive right now. And poor Holly can't play with anything.   
  • When we leave the house to take him to the sitters, he'll go "Bye Kitty, bye truck, bye house." Grant is such a funny and sweet little guy. He cracks me up on a daily basis. And I love how much he has grown as a little person! I can't believe he is already 2 1/2! I love my little buddy!


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