Sunday, March 9, 2014

Things I thought I would never say as a parent. Part 3 (I think it's part three? I've lost track)

Having a two year old is a non stop unpredictable adventure. I never know what is going to come out of my mouth. Sometimes I find myself saying the stupidest things or things that just don't sound right. But when you have a two year that is constantly getting into everything it makes for interesting conversation. Here are some recent things I've said and even documented them as soon as I said them so I wouldn't forget! And yes these are all real statements that have come out of my mouth:

This one could be a broken record, Grant has an obsession with taking his pants off, and takes them off on a frequent basis:

"Grant keep your pants on, big boys wear pants. Everyone has their pant on right now. Grandma has her pants on, Grandpa has his pants on, mommy has her pants on and so does Daddy."

I feel like I need to explain this one so it doesn't sound weird before you read it. I was getting ready for work and was trying to get dressed when I said this:

"Grant just because Mommy doesn't have her pants on doesn't mean you should take off yours. Mommy is getting ready and will have her pants on soon."

"Grant get off the table. Tables are meant for sitting, not for Grants to be on there."

"Grant do not bite you sister's toes. That hurts Holly."

"Why did you pee on the floor? And why are you smearing it with your feet?"

"Please do not jump over me. Mom is not a jungle gym."

"Don't go in Holly's bed that is for babies, if you go in there, you'll turn into a baby."

 A twist on my words:

"Is Happy Holly?"

Grant was watching Arthur and a kid on the show showed a black and white picture that she drew. Grant thought it needed to be colored, so he went up to the tv and started coloring it:

"Grant don't color the tv, its not a coloring book"

Adventures in atempting potty training with Grant. I call Pull ups Potty Pants:

"Lets put on your potty pants. Wearing them will make you want to go potty. When you need to pee or poop, tell mommy or daddy potty." 

"Holly doesn't like it when you take off her socks. Her feet are sad"

Such a silly boy, he is trying to take a picture with my phone and is going "Cheese"
 And those are my fun statements for now. I can't help but laugh at myself every now and then. Being a parent is funny. :)

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