Friday, April 12, 2013

My Silly Little boy

As Grant get's older, his personality makes me laugh! He is so funny! Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his little head and makes him do the things he does. He loves to walk around carrying random objects. He loves to babble, he is such a loudmouth like myself. He loves to draw with an ink-pen. He likes to bop his butt up and down when he hears music. He loves to have fun! He reminds me of myself.

Here are some things Grant has been doing lately:

  • He loves to be outside and eat dirt. He loves to get dirty. He is such a boy already! He was outside with Matt in the garden while I was making dinner, Grant came back in the house looking like this:

Nope that's not chocolate on my mouth. It's Dirt...

  • Grant likes to lay down on Marco like a pillow. The poor cat gets tortured by Grant all the time. And he puts up with Grant's torture.
  • When Grant wants his shoes put on, he'll give them to us so we can put them on. He seems to like wearing shoes. 
  • When I get ready for work and I'm in the bathroom, he'll take stuff out of the drawers and through it into the bathtub.
  •  He loves to make sure that his sippy cup goes in the cup-holder in his highchair. Every time he uses his sippy cup, he makes sure he puts in back in the cup-holder. It cracks me up.
  •  He has a new obsession with climbing up and down the steps, and he thinks he has to have something in his hand while do it. 
  •  Grant likes taking clothes and putting them around his neck. This morning he was wearing one of my shirts like a cape. It was cracking me up.  He is one with him wearing my shirt:

Such a silly little boy!


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  1. Oh that last picture is absolutely precious! Grant is adorable, as always!!!! :)