Thursday, September 13, 2012

The life of a mommy losing her mind...

Before I became a mother, I used to be a really planned and organize person. When going to family gatherings, I would bring everything I could possibly think of that I might need. Pretty much bringing everything buy the kitchen sink. I am a very type A personality, I like the think of every possible scenario, making sure everything goes according to plan. I am a perfectionist, and like everything done a certain way and if it doesn't go my way. I start freaking out. Well I know I've said this before, but motherhood is starting to make me lose my mind. And my type A personality has turned into a I don't care anymore, it will be OK, kind of personality. It's interesting how motherhood changes one's personality. One thing I've learned about motherhood, is you have to be easy going, go with the flow, and deviate from the plan. Because guess what? There really is no set plan when being a mother.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm a chicken with my head cut off in work and in life. Motherhood has officially made me lose my mind. And an hot unorganized mess. This past weekend, it was the annual Sherman picnic. Usually I come extremely prepared. This time I forgot a grape pie that I spent the morning making, lawn chairs to sit in, and my camera to take pictures of Grant doing cute things like take his first hayride. Good job me. My excuse? I had a crying baby to take care of and didn't have a chance to do a run-through to make sure I had everything that I need. Good thing I at least remembered to bring the baby :)

I'm really starting to feel like a mother. Later that night at the picnic, I came in the house from sitting by the campfire. I went to say goodbye to Matt's grandma, and she pats me on the shoulder to say goodbye to me, as she gets spit up all over her hand. Yes, I was walking around with spit up all over my jacket, and had no idea. After-all I was in the dark.

I will say that this past week I've been losing my mind at work. Mainly it's a combination of lack of sleep and pulling myself in a hundred different directions. Though despite my lack of organization or even effort to care anymore, it doesn't even matter when I get to see Grant's adorable smile. He melts it all away. :)

even though my mommy is losing her mind I'm pretty cute


  1. That is probably what makes us mothers suck up and troop through craziness--just seeing our babies smile at us. :)

    Motherhood is definitely not easy and I am the same way; personality A and very organized, but lately; I'm like who cares?! LOL