Friday, August 24, 2012

Look at me I'm six months old!

Growing so much in six months!
I feel like I've been so busy, I haven't had time to write in this blog, but I need to celebrate Grant being a half of a year old already! Though I celebrated breastfeeding for six months, I haven't talked much about Grant's milestones. As you can see he has grown like a weed in the last six months. That little kangaroo use to be about the size of Grant. Now Grant is way bigger then Mr. Kangaroo!

Grant finally had his 6 month appointment on Tuesday. He is 17 pounds and 4 oz. He is 27 inches long. And his head circumference is 17.52 inches. He is about 35 percentile for his weight. 62 percentile for his height, and 60 percentile for his head circumference. What is amazing when he had his 2 week appointment he was in the 8 percentile for his weight. So he has definitely caught up! At the doctor he took his shots like a champ. Now he doesn't have to get shots again until he is a year old. Yah!

Hanging out at the doctor's office

Look at me sporting my cool Garfield bandaids 

So here are things that Grant has been doing so far:

  • He's been a rolling machine, he loves to roll clear across the room now. About a month ago, rolling from belly to back, and back to belly finally clicked, and he hasn't stopped.
  •  Grant loves to play on the floor, I get ready for work, while he plays on the floor, but once he starts getting mobile I won't be able to do that too much longer
  • We have pretty much retired the swing and bumbo seat. Grant likes to arch his back and flail himself out of the swing even when strapped in. He's getting too big for them.
  •  He just started doing rasberries and it's funny to watch! When I went to pick up some carry out Matt said he was farting and doing rasberries at the same time. Silly guy!
  •  His favorite thing is his stuff animal Mr. Kangaroo.   
  • He is starting to like solids more, it seems like he really likes peas and squash. He likes his veggies.  
  • He likes to eat my hair and grab it
Yummy Mommy's hair!
  •  Neon green seems to be his color, he looks great in that color
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and other shows with singing in it.
  • He's starting to look more like a redhead everyday!
  •  Grant still hates naps, and usually only sleeps a total of an hour (if that during the day) And will sleep from 10:30 to 7:00 every night. 
  •  He loves it outside, anytime we take him outside, it instantly calms him down.
  •  He is getting so close to doing the army crawl. I think he'll be crawling soon. 
  • He has been teething terribly. That little tooth is so close to popping up, but it still won't pop up. Grant has been having some miserable nights lately. 
Grant is a growing little guy. I must say 6 months, is one of my favorite stages so far, he is getting more of a personality and is just so funny. He is a ball of energy!


  1. Such big changes in 6 months! Isn't it crazy how big they get so quickly? I miss the days when my lil girl could fit so easily on my boppy when breastfeeding.. not anymore! Grant is such a handsome little guy and it seems he gets cuter and cuter every month (if that's even possible! LOL)

  2. Happy half birthday!!!!!!!! Your little man is BEAUTIFUL. Boys are so much fun. It is amazing to see how much Grant has grown!! Just like I find it amazing how fast Forrest has been growing and he is only 5 days old. :) I hope Grant will feel better with teething soon!