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Parenting through the Coronavirus

Yesterday was a bad day.  I felt defeated. A failure. Someone who has no control of their children whatsoever. Someone who has raised spoil rotten brats. Someone who is truly a bad mother. Someone just is the worst at motherhood. Yesterday was a bad day. But today is a new one. A reset button, a hope that it will be better than the last. A hope that I am really not a bad mother, but just someone who had a really bad bad day of parenting. This is my life now.  There are a sprinkle of good days. Most OK days with it's moments of upset. And then once or twice a week, with some really horrible terrible days. The kind of days that makes me question, "Why did I want to be a parent again?". Don't get me wrong. My kids have their moments. I'm not going to claim that I am the Mother Theresa of Moms. Or that I they don't have their bad moments. We have bad days, and good days. We have moments of disrespect. Its all the learning process of development. Sc

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